Indie Charts is the official music charts for Indie and Unsigned artists and bands. Our mission is to promote independent and unsigned artists and provide a venue to promote music you may not otherwise hear through mainstream channels. The entertainment industry (publicists, producers, managers, talent scouts, record labels and radio stations) uses our charts to find the best Indie and Unsigned artists because of our credibility, our successful formula of charting musicians, and our history in working with independent groups.

Indie Charts was established in 2006 (first as UnsignedTalents.com), and we started Indie Charts to give Indie and Unsigned artists a leg up in a music industry dominated by mainstream musicians and major labels. Our member Artists make Indie Charts a powerful venue for Indie and Unsigned musicians.


At Indie Charts, every musician who lands on our Indie Picks Charts goes through a rigorous and lengthy review process to ensure accurate placement. All artists that land on the Indie Picks Charts get heard by a panel review board. Yes, we actually listen to the music for accurate positioning.

Here at Indie Charts, we do not position artists on the chart by album or song sales and downloads. The number of songs or albums sold does not tell the whole picture of an artist or attest to how good a musician or band is. Musicians, publicists, agents, or anyone else may artificially inflate song or album sales and manipulate those other charts.

Indie Charts will never sell out to commercial markers of success to create our charts. Our credibility with the industry and with Indie and Unsigned artists depends on our ability to maintain our indie spirit.

We have developed a unique formula to create our charts combining information from other charts, listeners and our own panel of experts. Indie Charts consists of two chart systems: the Indie Picks and the Member Picks. Each chart has its own criteria to determine who lands on the charts and where.

We scout other charts such as Billboard, Amazon, Myspace, and other charts to scout out the best talent from each site. Then, every artist and band gets heard by a set human ears on our panel board of industry professionals.


The Indie Picks Chart uses the following public criteria as well as top secret variables to determine artist placement on this chart. We want to ensure the best of the Indie and Underground music scene makes it to our listeners.

1. Radio air-play (current or not), if any.
2. Average position on other major charts, if any.
3. Last date an album or song was on other charts.
4. How long on our charts or others.
5. Member reviews
6. And, most importantly, our professional panel review board. Every song gets heard by a set of human ears before hitting our Indie Picks Chart.


Indie Charts also maintains a chart selected and reviewed by our Member Artists and listeners. Our Member Picks Charts uses many variables such as member reviews, review scores, amount of reviews received, comments, amount of favorites lists the artist is on, profile traffic and 18 other variables to ensure a true reflection of the Member Artist’s rank.

We’re proud of the formulas that make up our charts because we know we have the most credible system in the Indie music industry. Our formula consists of our own very specific factors as well as data we compile from top websites. The more data the other charts have, the stronger those charts make the Indie Picks and Member Picks charts.


Our Member Artists help drive the success of Indie Charts. Indie and Unsigned Artists can sign up with us and create profiles on Indie Charts. This allows Member Artists to get feedback from other Member Artists, review songs and bands for the Member Picks chart, and lets the power of positive criticism and reviews fuel their success.

Indie Charts is proud of our success helping Indie and Underground artists make it in the music industry.

We are the Charts!  IndieCharts.com