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 SignUp Date:  08/26/12
J. R. ‘Duke’ Jellerson is a singer/songwriter and co-founder of the American Contemporary Christian Band FAMILY which was formed in Anaheim California in 1979 by Duke and his two cousins Craig Schulz and Geoff Schulz. Duke who is a self styled singer/ song-writer spent many of his Saturday evenings attending the Calvary Chapel “Christian Music” concerts in Costa Mesa during the mid seventies. He wrote the music played guitar and sang lead vocals. Geoff who could play just about every instrument known contributed Bass guitar added vocals and provided many of the musical arrangements. Craig played the drums and added trombone when needed. Both Geoff and Craig had strong Jazz backgrounds while Duke was influenced strongly by “Surf Rock” and the Country/Folk style associated with many of the “Christian Music” Pioneers. Craig would leave the group not long after its formation and Geoff’s best friend Randy Heydon would take his place. Randy Heydon brought to the group a strong country influence he played guitar mandolin and added his rich bass vocals to the mix. A drummer. keyboard player and various instrumentalists would be added to complete the different lineups of the group. Through the years FAMILY would appear at Southern and Northern California venues when not conflicted with Duke’s military obligations often with different lineups but always maintaining the nucleus of Geoff Randy and Duke the chemistry that bonded the group together. As the changes to life occurred and members of the group moved on Geoff Randy and Duke would continue to get together to perform and sing the music they loved. Today Geoff and Randy remain in the Anaheim area and a reliable source indicates that when Duke returns to California the members of FAMILY plan to reunite. In 2008 Duke moved to Hawaii and after a several year hiatus from writing music he returned to his music the studio and performing. In 2009 his album “Goin’ Home” was chosen by the MWSA as album of the year and in 2010 his follow-up album “Sailing Away” was chosen by the MWSA as runner-up album of the year. Duke has represented the State of Hawaii for the past four years in the Creative Arts Festival at the National level where he has received further recognition for his work. Duke currently works for the Veterans Administration and is a Veteran who serves other Veterans within the Medical Feld. He spends many hours each week with PTSD Veterans donating his time to work within the “Music Therapy Program” a Veteran centered program that is a blessing to be a part of and it is demonstrating amazing results. God Bless you as you listen... Mahalo...(Read less)
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nice your music is crazy good
plz check out my music an vote an review ill do the same its the only way we climb charts

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