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 Genre:  Hip-Hop
 SignUp Date:  07/15/11
About Sonny Chulo: Sonny Chulo was born Reymundo Sosa Jr. on October 13 1984 in Spanish Harlem New York. Sonny was raised his whole life by his father however due to the rough streets of Harlem Sonny's family relocated to Orlando Florida when he was 16. As a teenager in a completely different environment Sonny began pursuing his career as a rapper. Sonny released his 1st independent mixtape Spitman for Hire which sold 10000 copies. At this point Sonny was managing himself until he met J Lotto from Act Up Music thru Gemz. J Lotto heard Sonny's work and immediately suggested Sonny switch up his flow from a rapper to an artist. Sonny agreed and Act Up Music was formed in 2004. Act Up Music put projects together for Sonny and he was able to work with several artists in the hip-hop industry which include tracks with Red Café(Bad Boy) Styles-P D-Block JR-Writer (DipSet) Tony Sunshine Ruff Ryders Mysonne Nashawn (Bravehearts) and many other known hip-hop artists. Sonny opened up on many shows for artists such as Fat Joe Jadakiss Fab Akon MOP Snopp Dog Pitbull Jim Jones Eminem and Young Bloods. Sonny also linked up with producers Sage Lee Develop and Spictackular and many others to work with him on his mixtape King of the Town. King of the Town was out in the streets by 2007 and had major feedback from his fans DJs and ARs. Sonny has won the best latin hip hop artist award at the 2009 hip hop orlando awards. Sonny is currently working on King of the Town Part 2 with added management by Supreme Clientele Music. About Supreme Clientele Music: Supreme Clientele Music is a music content company aimed at helping artists achieve long-term creative and financial success. Supreme Clientele Music is engaged in the recorded music business (including artist services) and the music publishing business. I aggressively build an array of music-based services to help artists enhance the growth of their careers. I work with artists in the areas of artist management merchandising touring fan clubs VIP ticketing sponsorships and brand endorsements among other music-related businesses. I create more of a partnership with our artists which allows us to work together more closely to create and sustain artistic and commercial success...(Read less)
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Thats watsup keep on pushn!!!Stay me out new music on
New Track!!! its called Times Up must hear show your support vote comment much appreciated thank you
ucmc the itshi.check me out on some real stuff
nice music check me out i got flow
real strong checkout some of my stuff uk rap bumpshkin
Nice Music Where can i download it? i would appreciate you even more if you returned the Favor!!
Nice Music Where can i download it? i would appreciate you even more if you returned the Favor!!

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Melody   3.5 107 Votes
Instruments   3.4 107 Votes
Mixing   3.5 109 Votes
Entertaining   3.5 107 Votes
Overall Music   3.5 109 Votes
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