Kiwi Chi-Lou GoHard

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         MUSIC VIDEO BY: Kiwi Chi-Lou GoHard
         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Kiwi Chi-Lou GoHard
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  39
 Band Web Site:  none
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/RB
 Country:  United States
 SignUp Date  11/04/17
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nice work .giving you votes. Check mine out and return the votes.
Thank you so much for returning the blessings and keep up the great work
dope shit
I've shown a lot of love but none in return lol I know that I am great but I guss no one else has noticed (lies ) show m
Thank you King blessings to you I gave you all fives across the board salute Twiggz
The Dopest female coming out of StLouis thus far!!!

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Production   4.5 12 Votes
Originality   4.5 12 Votes
Sound Quality   4.2 12 Votes
Lyrics   4.5 12 Votes
Vocals   4.5 12 Votes
Artistic Theme   4.5 12 Votes
Fashion Sense   4.5 12 Votes
General Performance   4.5 12 Votes
Musical Composition   4.5 12 Votes
Beat Complexity   4.5 12 Votes
Melody   4.4 12 Votes
Instruments   4.5 12 Votes
Mixing   4.5 12 Votes
Entertaining   4.5 12 Votes
Overall Music   4.3 12 Votes
Buy their Music?   4.5 12 Votes

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