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 Gender:  Male
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 Genre:  Alternative/Rock/Indie
 Country:  CA
 SignUp Date  5/2/2008
Calgary Alberta Canada - SILO has been blowing the roof off of clubs and Canadian airways for the past three years. In the fall of 2007 SILO released their first self-titled EP. SILOs first single “Let Down” was ed to be part of the rock compilation album “Riot On Sunset Vol. 10”. This was released in music stores around the Hollywood California area. In 2008 SILO was born again with the introduction of two highly talented and sought after musicians. SILOs newly found sound and direction inspired the original band members to tap into their inner thoughts and emotions. What developed was a new sound far beyond what they originally anticipated. With every song SILO brings into existence their focus and determination to bring their fans the best musical experience possible feeds their addiction to never stop creating. SILO’s latest lead single “No Lines” is off of their new CD titled “SILO – Bad Luck”. “ This song inspires people to choose their own path in life they don’t need to take the same path as everyone else. Explains SILO in a recent interview. They can walk the road with no lines and it will take them to a better place rather then take the same road as everyone else.” This is a motto that SILO lives by themselves. SILO continues to highlight their true talent which is evident by listening to every instrument in No Lines. The highlighted extremes ranging from the heavy yet hypnotic drums and that deep bass guitar vibe that you crave all the way to the flawless vocals and runaway guitar solos. All of these aspects are blended together in perfect harmony and perfect rhythm and nothing sums up the level of talent that SILO exhibits more than their natural instincts to create a stellar musical balance. Being a Hard Rock band SILO is extremely versatile not only in their ability to transform those inner thoughts to music but to also connect with their audience in the most intimate way. No Lines is a definite representative of the entire full-length EP simply because it grabs you tight from first note and wont let go until well beyond the last song. THIS is SILO! “SILO - Bad Luck” will be released in all its glory on May 15 2010 both digitally and physically. SILO was ed for two different Rock Compilation Album Releases. They also headlined at the Jamison Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day party. The band continues to write dynamic music and delights in delivering their music to live shows. SILO will be hitting the streets and clubs promoting their new album and have plans to do a Canadian wide winter tour in 2011. SILO is proud to announce that they are working with A R Select based in West Hollywood California for publishing and licensing opportunities. SILO has also signed a label deal with Angel Records Canada and is proudly living their own motto by walking the road with no lines as they begin their journey with Angel Records Canada. For all booking inquiries please contact: Heather Rumbolt Co-President Angel Records Canada (403) 340-3585 Listen to and/or purchase SILOs music by logging onto the following websites along with most iStores: (search: Silo) For additional information please contact their PR firm: A R Select West Hollywood Ca. 323-924-5897 ...(Read less)
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Check us out @ New Artist We Are Licenced And Wanna Make Sure You Get Paid When We Spin Your Tunes smile em
good job check out Ces Indie -voted for you
Come check us out too Masses Beware.
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vote for a vote what do you say?
I like that in ya ck me out It's Frankie Da Game Spitta!!!Put ya friends on it new track on

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