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 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Pop
 Country:  United States
 SignUp Date  08/29/18

Musically and creatively influenced and inspired by greats like Prince George Benson Jimi Hendrix and BB King one can only anticipate the greatness that heralds ahead. Robert Josh Perrion Turner while from a small town in Georgia is everything but small when it comes to his talent. The songwriter/musician of multiple instruments including guitar and drums Josh is ready to serenade the world with his prized instrument his voice. Josh Perrion has always been a lover of music and has been supported by his father. It was in church where he would play air drums to every note at 5 years old. In addition to joining the band in high school he even created a group of his own on this journey. Josh Perrion always knew he could sing but speaks of being shy and timid therefore thrusting himself into the background. While Josh has had many opportunities to shoot his shot at singing it wasn't until a chance encounter with producer and engineer Charles Dr. Do Music Davids that he was convinced that he had met his ?partner in music. The way he built the harmonies and chords was mind blowing to me. I never experienced anything like that before describes Josh we feed off of each other. It's always good vibes when we work together. Josh Perrion is ready to walk on the 'wildside' and is inviting you to join him on his journey of his first of many singles Jungle Love.

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