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 Stage/Band Name:     Doug Deforest
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  56
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Country/Christian
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  11/28/17

Five first round Grammy considerations 2017 2016 Hall of Fame award winner George D. Hay society 2016 awarded Kentucky Colonel status by Governor Matthew G. Bevin Governor of Kentucky Label: voyage/Orchard/Sony In a five decade span (1977 to present) Doug Deforest has been a constant in the country music gospel and pop business.Change is a must in the music business and Deforest reinvents himself with every turn of the musical wheel. Artist Television personality Writer and Producer Deforest moves from one to the other with ease as the situation presents itself. Born in Missouri brought up in the music business in Houston Texas and now calling Cherokee Village Arkansas home Deforest opened Lake Paradise Studio five years ago with a vision that artists could use the serene lakeside studio as a refuge from the day to day hustle of city life. A successful producer and writer in the European field Deforest tours regularly in Europe with other artists such as Jody Booth Susan Hickman Liz Talley and others bringing country music to the fans there. Doug's new CD aptly titled Carry on should be available in late September and will be a collection of his thoughts thru the last year set to music. From the song When you have a dream a rocker dedicated to his sister and her 1975 Licking Missouri volleyball team for their inclusion in the Missouri Sports hall of fame to Carry on a moving tribute to the ones lost from his peer group this year this will be his most diverse CD to date! This is Doug first release for Voyage/orchard/sony and a dream to have this CD in the talented hands of marketing guru Michael Edging and longtime motown producer Jerry Marcellino whos work with Michael Jackson The Jackson five Frankie Valli UB40 and others make him one of the top impresarios in the business.l For ALL info on my goings on contact the man with the plan JEFF WINTERS! He is my trusted friend and handles my fan interaction for me. You need Doug for anything Jeff will get it done. Email him

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