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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Katlyn Lowe
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Band Web Site:  instagram.com/katlynloweofficial
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Country/Pop/songwriter
 Country:  United States
 SignUp Date  10/30/17

Katlyn Lowe is a force to be reckoned with. A talented singer performer and songwriter in her own right she exudes a measure of honesty and confidence that makes her a unique undeniable fixture of Nashville?s emerging country landscape. Lowe?s self-penned spirited debut radio single ?Rise Up? hits the airwaves in mid-July on HJ J Records and will be followed by a music video shot by legendary award-winning director Jim Shea. The single was recorded in Nashville at Historic RCA Studio C on Music Row and produced by Jim Della Croce and Eddie Gore. Lowe was born in Rochester New York but came of age in Jacksonville Florida where she began writing songs at age 12 and quickly became known as a strong contender in local singing competitions. While working as a waitress and pre-school teacher she landed the opportunity to open for Sunny Sweeny?an experience that would instill in her the confidence and drive to pursue her goal of country music stardom. Lowe moved to Nashville and cut her teeth in the dive bars and honky-tonks of Music City legend. While honing her writing skills Lowe released a self-titled EP in December of 2017 alongside the single ?My Heart Ain?t Free.? ?Songwriting for me is like a diary? Lowe explains ?and everyone lives their own unique story.? For Lowe that story ends up sounding like a distinct blend of homegrown authenticity and what she calls ?country sass.? It?s a combination that draws the listener in from the opening lines of a recording and makes her live performance a dynamic must-see experience.. Lowe admits that she can become stir crazy when she?s been away from the stage for too long. ?You can?t control what happens in a live show? she says with a smile that makes it abundantly clear that Lowe thrives on the spontaneity of crowd interaction and a live mic. Lowe is also aware that she will likely be seen as a role model and carries herself with an air of confidence that she describes as ?not taking any guff...in a classy way.? When she?s not on Broadway jumping on stage for an impromptu set at one of Nashville?s famed honky-tonks Lowe lends her talents to Musicians on Call an organization that connects musicians and performers with people undergoing treatment in area hospitals. Lowe finds her visits to the Vanderbilt Children?s Hospital ?gratifying? and modestly characterizes her contribution ?Music can do so much good for people.? What?s undeniably clear about Katlyn Lowe is her profound appreciation for music and the absolute joy she brings to the pursuit. ?I have something inside me that I can?t even explain an inner drive? she says ?I never envisioned myself doing anything else? and if her driving talent is any indication she?ll never have to. Lowe is surrounded by a team of Nashville music industry pros with full management label services publicity radio and video promotion and tour support. She maintains a busy writing regime and has written and/or co-written four of the songs on her upcoming debut EP.

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