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There is no doubting that music has been and is the life of British singer songwriter Chris Hamilton but it is only in recent times that he has become the inescapable centre of attention within it and is truly blossoming as he releases his new single. At four years old Chris picked up and began playing the guitar the start of a journey which saw him from the age of eleven touring with his Dad’s band. To get through college Chris gave guitar lessons subsequently linking up with his brother Phil in a potently creative time for the duo. It is fair to say that music had consumed his imagination and heart before this point strengthening its hold as the following years saw his songwriting skills bless other artist’s releases before eventually deciding to write for his own craft and interpretation. Mid-2016 Rotherham based Chris unveiled his debut solo EP Just As I Am offering six multi-flavoured tracks of heart bred and felt explorations. Lyrically Chris openly shares his experiences and emotions an honesty which fueled his well-received introduction and continued through following single Day After Day. As 2017 hits its stride Chris is releasing his new track Rescue Me. As his previous encounters the new single was recorded at the Steel Works Studios in Sheffield with producer Aidan Thompson. As his lyrics musically the song is a free hearted proposal. Voice and guitar caress ears as emotion and melody unite with other striking textures. Inspirations to Chris range from Guns N’ Roses to The Eagles and Keith Urban but as the KCH Entertainment released Rescue Me shows he casts a unique weave of sound and invention. As boldly catchy as it is intimately reflective the single sets up a year already looking like the most eventful yet creatively and in success for Chris Hamilton.

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