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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     NANCY SILVA PROJECT
 Member Type:  Manager
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  42
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rock
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  03/12/17

I have worked several projects such as Unloco ( Maverick) Sunk Loto (Sony Australia) The Butterfly Effect (Sony Australia) Exilia(Sony/BMG) Upside The Cinderleaf Stars Go Dim and many others. This is my latest. Nancy Silva Project (NSP) is an original Alternative Rock band from San Antonio Texas. NSP is fronted by the charismatic and petite Nancy Silva who rocks a Gibson Les Paul and sings with such passion and emotion that her lyrics come to life. Ian Morales of Austin Vida stated “Flying under the San-Antonio-band radar is Nancy Silva Project headed by the guitar slinging songwriting San Antonio-bred talent Nancy Silva. Silva has a sultry seductive and brooding appearance that is met with a surprising shyness. Her outward stage presence speaks louder than she does.” NSP is a very active hard-working band and has played with some great national acts such as the Toadies Apocalyptica Papa Roach Flyleaf Lacey Sturm Chevelle Trapt Lit 10 Years Drowning Pool My Darkest Days Kittie Ryan Cabrera Fair to Midland Karnivool Flaw 38 Crazyfists One Eyed Doll Eyes Set to Kill Stryper Wednesday 13 and more. Jim Beal Jr. from My SA Entertainment stated “Singer songwriter and guitar slinger Silva makes quite a visual impact with her sexy schoolgirl outfits but don’t make a mistake and sell her short Silva and her band could rock just as hard if Silva wore burkas” and Hector Saldana from My SA Entertainment stated “One of the coolest provocative hard rockers this city’s produced” and “such melodic driving originals are utterly pleasurable kicks to the head.” NSP toured the West Coast playing at the world famous Whisky-A-GoGo and The Cat Club (owned by famed Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats) on the legendary Sunset Strip in West Hollywood California. The tour continued through southern California and ended in Las Vegas Nevada. NSP continues to perform incessantly. Inspired by her brother who played guitar Nancy began playing guitar and performing at a very young age and knew that this was her calling from the very first time she stepped on a stage. Nancys shy demeanor and stage presence along with surreal vocals heavy guitar sound and solid rhythm section is what gives NSP an original unique sound and powerful stage persona. NSP released their new album A Part of Me in March 2013. All songs are written by Nancy Silva and produced by Bryan Scott from “Cult to Follow” formerly of “Union Underground.” NSP is currently in the studio working on a new EP which will be released in mid-2017. NSP is a band who plays with authority and gives everything to their live performances. The passion and energy NSP exudes live is something one must see. Nancys live performances are powerful and truly full of emotion. Nancy has stated in an interview “We want to play as much as possible so that people can hear our music all over the world and theres no better feeling than playing live and making new friends and fans.” Nancy has always been truly grateful and really cares about her fans. She has said on many occasions “We are very thankful for everyone’s support and for the success we have had so far.” Be sure to check out a Nancy Silva Project (NSP) show and pick up a copy of their latest album A Part of Me.” For upcoming shows visit

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