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Indie URL: indiecharts.com/lowdown_mg

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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     LowDown_mg
 Member Type:  Manager
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  24
 Band Web Site:  lowdownmuzic.com
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rap/Hip-Hop
 Country:  United States
 SignUp Date  08/20/16

LOWDOWNS BIO GROWING UP ON THE STREETS OF ATLANTA LowDown is one of the top up and coming rap artists from Atlanta GA. Lowdown grew up and continues to live in Atlantas Fulton county area. With two young daughters lowdown will tell you his driving force is to provide his family with a life he never had growing up. Growing up in the projects life was always a little on the rough side. Lowdown has a large family and he works hard to be the rock for his entire family. Having 2 brothers who are currently serving time in prison has allowed lowdown a glimpse into a world that has become normal for a high percentage of young men from the streets of Atlanta. Lowdown has worked hard to help support his family both financially and emotionally. Lowdown started rapping while in his teen years and quickly became popular around Atlanta. Winning countless awards and battles lowdown has a unique and stand alone voice. Lowdown started producing and mixing his music for one simple reason he wanted to keep the integrity of his songs through.and through. In 2014 lowdown set out to make rapping his career not.for the reasons most might think being famous rich having power those things have played a distant role compared to the real driving force. Loving music seeing people enjoy his performance and knowing his two daughters would have a life better than even his most wildest dreams as a child. Watching lowdown with his daughters you can see the love pride and determination in his eyes. In 2014 lowdown and other local rappers formed The Money Team. Having more than 6 amazing performers it has allowed the team to collaborate on more singles and more albums. Having multiple hits on indie charts and on internet radio stations has set the stage for his most anticipated release ever with two smash hits LEANIN I CANT his sales are projected to top $1000000.00 shortly after the new year. Having appearances scheduled for almost the rest of the calendar year 2016. Having appearances scheduled in Georgia Mississippi Texas Florida and Tennessee his fan base has in risen tenfold in the past 6 months. After running test spots on multiple radio stations scored in the eighties out of a possible 100 for pop score. LEANIN scored the top ranking at 87 and I cant scored 80 both phenomenally high scores for only a hundred test spots. Lowdown has a large fan base around the country and is building a larger fan base with each passing day. With his amazing style and voice its not hard to see why lowdown has won every rap event he has entered over the past year. Being billed as the top rapper to date for 2016 we are proud to bring you his latest work. Lowdown signed with MG MUZIC GENIUS RECORDINGS in 2015 since that time has been working in the studio on new singles and preparing for his major release in September 2016. Lowdowns Manager is Montana_mg who has been his friend and mentor for years. Montana said this about Lowdown Low is not only my friend hes my brother my family. I have his back in good times and bad times. Hes the hardest working artist Ive ever known and Im honored to be by his side. Lowdown has worked with other well known artist such as TTG FRED MONEY.MACCA TAYMAN MONEYDEZ TYRAN and many more which all are signed to the MG label.

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