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 Stage/Band Name:     Jvon bishop lawrence
 Member Type:  Promoter
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 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Indie
 SignUp Date  08/19/16

Jvon Bishop Lawrence hailing from the southside of bronxnyc is on a straight and narrow path of bringing back balance creativity to the art form that is rapidly dying in hip hop today. The pure art of story telling and emotion in music is completely gone in the art and im making strides in bringing it back ~Jvon. Bishop began his ascension in creating vivid stories and lyrics during his pre teen years with crafting short stories and comic book illustrations with his twin brother who later also began to share his passion in Hip Hop/Soul/Rhythm Blues Music. Starting out as a duo with his brother during his school years jvon grew his ability to capture audiences with slick metaphors and wordplay and focused on the next phase from being a lyricist and word technician to being a reformed song writer. i wanted to step up and re-focus my thought patterns and the way i attacked every song its way different when crafting a song because the song has to have feeling and when you are just rapping and performing in cyphers its all about ego and all you need to do is show them how you can put bars together... but i graduated my skills to focus on being a overall top notch song writer....for every genre. Mr. Lawrence has had his share of industry roller coasters with being courted by record labels such as Def Jam Atlantic Records at one point and has aligned himself with big producers and djs such as 9th Wonder (of Little Brother Fame) and Dj Green Lantern (Shady Records/Evil Genuis).In 2009 along with being signed to an independent record label he has ped his 1st Mixtape Entitled Tha Flow Collector Vol.1 (Currently On DatPiff.com} and now with a brand new format and sound Jvon Lawrence has ped his debut Ep The Butterfly Effect on all major digital retail stores. I absolutely love being a lyricist and coming up with super catchy and intricate ways of catching the listener off guard but i at the end of the dayi wanna also be remembered in time as writing and composing one of the most ground breaking music ever created and that is my main aim in the game ~ Jvon Bishop Lawrence.

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