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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
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 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  House
 Country:  Jamaica
 SignUp Date  02/14/16

Cadia Spicy multi-cultural songbird is a good way to describe CADIA a serious artist who feels its time to put her talent squarely up front in full view of the world. CADIA was born in Jamaica migrated with her parents to England then the family moved to the US. Most of her formative years were spent in Miami where she developed her life-long interest in music. Born Cadia Gritton she became a cancer survivor by the time she was 20of Hodgekins Lymphoma. Her life so far has helped create a strong caring focused individual...all this shows in her music. CADIA who has degrees in both cosmetology respiratory therapy is a designer maker of crochet clothing. Anything you can wear she can crochet. Some of her clients include Junior Kelly Warrior King Richie Spice just to name a few. She always looks very regal. The unique personality of this artiste is quite obvious the minute you see her. CADIAs personally designed hats outfits she creates has enhanced her style image. RB/Hip Hop/Reggae is how CADIA categorizes her music. She says Its a blend. It represents how I grew up. In fact the mix of cultures has helped her to express herself musically in a mature refreshing scintillating way. Her music truly represents a fresh expressive mixture. Though she always had a love desire to do music she never thought it was possible until she met Mr. Homer Harris in 1999. He believed in me before I believed in myself. Only an angel can do that. Mr. Harris is the man responsible for discovering the likes of Buju Banton Sizzla Luciano just to name a few. CADIA is a free spirit who says I want to use my music to make a difference in the world. With her potpourri of melodies sweet soothing sound many will see that this empress is diva bound!

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