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 Stage/Band Name:     Kenny Robinson
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  33
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Christian/Indie
 Country:  United States
 SignUp Date  01/16/16

Kenny Robinson is the new emerging artist and songwriter from Fort Pierce Florida. He is the author of the trending powerful song called HERO. Kenny wrote HERO as an tribute to the U.S. Armed Services men and women. HERO has quickly become a favorite of regional radio station DJs and their listeners receiving rave reviews. Kenny Robinson was also featured on CBS Channel-12 News(WPEC) for his song “HERO” in a special segment called Extraordinary Persons on 11/07/14. Also Kenny has joined with the nonprofit veteran organization Building Homes For Heroes which provide mortgage free homes to wounded veterans. Kenny tells the story behind “HERO”. “Often I’m asked how did I come up with the song. Well I always wanted to do something to express my appreciation for those who protect our country but I wasn’t sure what to do. So one day in May 2014 I was talking to someone I know and somehow we got on the topic of the military. He began to tell me about his brother and how he had changed since his return from deployment. I became upset because he spoke of it jokingly and I said that was his sacrifice for us. Then I began to think about my family and friends who serve and I felt an overwhelming sense of obligation to tell them thank you. Kenny Robinson is independent Christian artist. His first album “He’s All I Need” was released August 13 2014. Since then Kenny has been recently featured on the “Bobby Jones Present” show in Nashville TN Rhonda Towns Plenty More Love show his CD as the feature gift item for the 2015 Stellar Awards and multiple radio interviews. Also Kenny’s album is currently in rotation on regional radio stations and expanding. Kenny Robinson is becoming known as a new indie artist/writer with a different sound and all original music. Now with an album and a 2 singles out Kenny is impacting music lovers with meaningful and thought provoking original songs accompanied by great music. Kenny quotes “I believe if I pour my heart into my songs it will overflow into the heart of those who hear them and touch their life.” In the words of Kenny Robinson when ask about his objective as an artist and writer he quotes “I just love great music with significance. And my mission is to create great songs that inspire and serves a purpose and speaks to the listeners’ life. When people hear my songs I need it to sound like nothing else they’ve heard and I desire it to be original. My goal is to establish a reputation in which listeners will know that when they get a Kenny Robinson song they are not just getting another song. But a well written well arranged and well produced piece of art.” 

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