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Indie URL: indiecharts.com/godking

         MUSIC VIDEO BY: D.Rog
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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     D.Rog
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  25
 Band Web Site:  god-king1.com
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Hip-Hop
 Country:  U.S.A.
 SignUp Date  12/08/15

After politicking in the jungle of the mean streets of CincinnatiOh. I came out a survivor also I came to know the rising king of that jungle he goes by the stage name D.Rog birth name David Rogerswith his alluring sounds and calls to the wild even the animals had to get in tune with his music. The Cincinnati native is 25 years of age and has already set forth to be crowned as the Midwest King of Hip Hop/Rap. Some may not know of this guy as of yet but to know him is to love him with his quiet demeanor one would never expect such bold lyrics filled with substance coming from this guy but let me tell you he got it. His music is undeniable not to mention hes in a league of his own not concerned with the stereo types that todays hip hop artist has brought to the game. Hes more concerned with creating a sound and music that can be heard for generations to come. When listening to such songs like Spirit of a Hustlerone would think back to the golden age of rap when you had groups like N.W.A. and artists like ScarfaceTupacBiggieand Jay-Z he manage to combined elements of all those artists into one action packed song that can touch any gangster heart rather old or new school. Also with more to come with the titled song Rap Checkwhere he gives you the struggle and hustle of a man determined to get that big check filled with zeros and commas. He debut on youtube almost a year ago with a video and song entitled Gonewhere he flaunts his ablility to display versatility in his raps. Now giving the fans and inside view of his very first performance of his life he said that was to stand as a monumental point in his career so that fans can get more of a picture of a artist coming from the bottom striving to get to the topworking with some hot producers on this project has shaped and molded D.Rog into a force to be reckoned with. Working with a powerhouse producer Young Ex who has worked with the likes of artists like K.KampLantana Easy Stuey Rock. Rocko just to name a few. Young Ex has giving props by cosigning D.Rog as the voice of the future with by far one of the hottest singles in the game right now entitled BeThotFul which is set to be a club favorite now I dont know about you but when I heard the title of the song my mind instantly shifted to the thoughts of turnt up low down and freak nasty. But boy was wrong as explained by D.Rog the term came from being inspired to be a trendsetter so he explained that what Thot means to me doesnt hold true for him. BeThotFul is for all those hustling in struggle of trying to suceed no matter what it is when breaking down the meaning it made sense BeThotFul translate into ( Be That Hustler Over There To The Fullest ) I can feel that although the song is speaking on a female but if you listen he also mention money cause he says females are hustlers to just like dudes and most dont have to sell they body to achieve getting that money and even for the ones that do if you dont know a person situation its not wise to judge a female can sell some p@$ to feed her children does that make her h@ no it doesnt that makes her a mom who would risk her life for her the sake of her child. So I thought to myself thats real what mother wouldnt when asked about new projects his eyes clearly lit up why of course he says there three more singles to come such Know its me Homicide and Games after taking a listen to them I must say there fire with Know Its me featuring the likes of Lantana Easy who brought you All hustle no luck and Donnie Maserati Games is him bringing a new style in which he calls RG and Homicide mannn thats some late 90s early 2000 pure hip hop sound thas sure to capture many attention. For quiet a humble dude I must admit this man is working towards greatness not to mention another hot producer Sparks the Track Man who has worked with artists like Ice cubeLantana Easy and many more has said D.Rog is on some next level s@. Im wondering now has being in the jungle hardened D.Rog heart to come with bold lyrics that clearly points out the error and ways of our Government in a song called Civil Rightswhere he plays the role of Malcolm X by any means seems to be the model he lives by. Being ridiculed for his alias by many Christians Baptist and Churches for the name God King for which he says comes from a near life and death experience. D.Rog says the experience has shed new light on him in his own words I know I can now do anything I set my mind and heart to after being pronounced dead and resurrecting back to life Ive spoken with God who crowned me king of my own destiny so my life as a hustler on the streets is over now that same motivation and drive will be put into my music now comes the birth of a superstar on the rise. Just as run away slaves song hems to give the slaves hope D.Rog has chose that same path by giving his supporters hope in knowing that anything in this world you desire is yours it all starts with the mind and vision. So people I urge you to get in tune with the next to blow hip hop artist D.Rog A.K.A. God King also bringing something new never been done before 30 day bar challenge to game where he gives the audience 30 days of pure bars from some of todays top hip hop artists songs. Not letting up or slacking one bit hes focused on being the peoples choice so bigg ups and salute to my man D.Rog for working to restore the feeling of real music.

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