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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     ZHAVEA
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Band Web Site:  www.zhavea.com
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Pop/Other/Dance
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  11/16/15

EARLY LIFE Born on January 17 1992 Zhavea Perry simply known as Zhavea is a Grenadian/ American singer dancer song writer. Zhavea was groomed for stardom at a young age after she displayed a strong interested in singing and performing. She performed regularly talent and musical shows at school as well as local talent shows. By the end of high school it was evident that being a professional recording artist and performer would become her life’s path. Motivated she began her career as a solo artist in 2011 with the release of her debut single “Shut it down” written and produced by Yoftahe Zewdu and JNAT beats.  Several songs written and produced by the pair soon followed. Zhavea also served as a co-writer on a few songs. CHARTING In 2013 adding some Caribbean flavor to her music she released her single “Tun-up and continued on the path of fusing pop with dancehall. In early 2014 she released her single “Spotlight” featuring the popular Jamaican Soca singer Mr. Vegas.  Later that year she gained popularity with her next pop/dancehall song “Gimmie That Love” featuring the king of Dancehall Beenie Man.  “Gimme that love” topped the charts in Jamaica which lead to her being booked to perform on the high profile annual “Sting concert where she promised fans an energetic performance.  Zhavea delivered what she promised when she took the stage at the “Sting” concert on December 26 2014. She brought a new style of performance and energy to the “Sting” audience casting out all doubts that she is nothing less than a star rate performance on the rise to stardom.  Immediately following “Sting” she continued her “Gimmie that love” radio and TV promotional tour across Jamaica before returning to the US in Feb 2015.  “Gimme that love” would also be the driving force behind her debut album “Warrior” which ped on Nov 15  2014. In July of 2015 she scored a number one spot with “Gimmie that love” on the “Tempo Cross Caribbean Charts” for six consecutive weeks.  Later that Summer her song “Tun-up” came in at the top of the same chart for eight straight weeks followed by“Shut it down” which also topped the Tempo chart.   IMAGE AND PERFORMANCE With her sexy Warrior-like fashion sense Zhavea had adapted the nickname “Warrior Princess Of Pop early in her career.” Her mother Jedil Perry who serves as her manager and stylist was also instrumental in helping to create her image. In 2015 she was booked for “Sumfest another high profile concert in Jamaica. Sumfest would be her second time performing on a major concert.  Zhavea commanded attention with a dramatic display of her sexy female warrior image when she took the Sumfest stage on July 18 2015. She wowed the sold out crowd owning the stage and delivering another high energy memorable performance.  It was confirmed once again that the “Warrior Princess” was boss on stage a force not to be reckoned with.  Soon after Sumfest she continued to Grenada where she spent time with family connecting with fans and enjoyed the carnival season while promoting her new single “Johnny” produced by billboard producer “Rohan “Snowcone” fuller.  IN RECENT YEARS A fairly new talent in the business Zhavea had already performed in shows with top acts like Jennifer Hudson Beenie Man Shaggy TI Mavado Konshens and many more.   She has performed on other high profile shows like power 105.1 concert hot 97 “Who’s next” and a sold out “House of Blues” solo concert.  “The moment you feel you have done your best is the moment you would have given into failure.  When you feel you have accomplished all you are allowed to is the moment you must realize you are only half way there. You must work until extreme exhauster has contented your soul.” said Zhavea  who continues to work as hard as ever. 

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It's nice
Not my type of music but as a musician this is hot!!!!!!talented
Review for a Review? Derek B Nine
i hear you!!!!! nice vocals
very talented and would love to work with you some time
love the vocals and lyrics voted / vote for ces indie
sounds good keep doin your thang i like it

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ZHAVEA's overall genres Panel Rank position is #443
ZHAVEA's Panel Rank position for the Genre of POP is #58

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ZHAVEA's overall genres Member Rank position is #16678
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ZHAVEA's has the #356 Highest Member Score with a 5.700
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