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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Daryl Boyer
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  39
 Band Web Site:  darylboyer.com
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Christian/Rock/Worship
 Country:  United States
 SignUp Date  09/05/15

Daryl Boyer Biography Husband father singer songwriter worship leader youth pastor and most recently added to Daryl Boyer?s list of titles in 2016 is recording artist. Never in all the winding roads of lost opportunity sorrow brokenness and even addiction did Daryl Boyer ever think he would be in the place of writing and recording music in the Christian music industry. Daryl?s story begins with years of hurt and hard living later turning around into a story of redemption life changing truth and the discovery of a selfless and genuine purpose for the Lord. Daryl spent many years struggling in a hopeless place of depression and alcoholism while missing the truth of who he really was and what his purpose in life was supposed to look like. Daryl Quotes ?Way to often we become blind by our own emotions that are taking over our life we find ourselves looking at life through a false perspective and trying to apply bandages to get us through the moments of pain and difficulty. Usually the bandages that we apply are anything but good for us and usually they only put us into deeper problems and heavier emotional bondage. Habits of escape drinking drugs and denial will never move us ahead or fix a single thing. Sadly without us learning to change the perspective and find real truth we will never discover just how valuable loved and unique we each are. ? Navigating this broken road of lies and self-destructive thinking launched Daryl into truly discovering His loving Heavenly Father as he really was not as an angry disappointed father. Daryl quotes ?I discovered that God was a father who is always looking on in love believing we all have value purpose a calling and really matter equally in His eyes.? Daryl?s journey led him to discover that his identity was not in what people thought of him or even what he had or had not accomplished. Instead Daryl discovered that God had declared he was worthy and could be a blessing when the focus was turned away from himself and stead redirected to loving others by walking in the Father?s daily grace and forgiveness. Armed with a new perspective and real truth Daryl?s mission moving forward was simple to share the truth and share his story raw and real just as it was. Daryl has learned to write songs from his life perspective and daily reality while praying daily that the words of his music touch the lives of others in a way that draws them closer to the father and the truth of his word. The focus of Daryl Boyer Ministries is about more then just the music. Daryl recently said ?Worship music is only one of the tools that God has given us to connect with Him deeply. Worship goes far deeper than the songs we sing. Our worship should also be represented by what we do with Christ in and through our daily lives. Without a clear understanding of Christs love and the full scope of what He accomplished for us at the cross we will never have a clear understanding of our identity in Christ. Instead we will only have fragments and pieces of truth to operate from. We want to help people understand that when they come into relationship with the Lord they are actually being adopted into the Kingdom of God as a son or daughter to the King of heaven. We want to unpack what the gift of a righteous son-ship looks like by teaching the ure and sharing the truth found in our music with all of those we have opportunity to share it with. We have a desire to represent the love of Christ both in and out of our churches in a way we believe Christ would want Himself to be represented. Christ wants us to find our fullness in Him. Christ wants us to come to an understanding of the unconditional love which He has for us so that we can give that love away to others in the same manor He has chosen to love us. The heartbeat of Daryls music and Daryl Boyer Ministries is one that longs for waking up the drive and zeal within the church collective and allowing the Holy Spirit in us to to move freely. Daryl says ?We need to collectively as a church get back to experiencing God in the daily lifestyle of worship we must stop settling for merely the Sunday morning experience alone. We need worship to radiate the new creation core of who we are both inwardly and on the outside.? Daryl Boyer Ministries believes Christianity and worship are a lifestyle. In a world that is so crazily off track we all as believers can really afford to be more intentional towards a lifestyle of worship. The Ministries and music of Daryl Boyer lean heavily on this intentional proactive focus for bringing people to a deeper connection with the Lord by teaching and modeling worship as a lifestyle. Daryls desire is to see people grasp the message God has within his songs and then make life changing application that will help in better leading to that lifestyle of worship. Daryl quotes the following ?We must all seek to understand and honor our precious inheritance as sons and daughters. We must boldly claim the truth of Gods deep love for us it is ours in Christ and nothing can take that away. Christ gave us our salvation inheritance when he poured His blood out for our eternal cleansing and restoration. Christ has already made all things new in us if we have accepted our inheritance from Him. We are forever His we are in Him and He is in us. We are forever joined as one forgiven blameless by grace empowered to bring glory unto His name and forever loved unconditionally. We need to learn to trust these truths and walk them out with boldness.?

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