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 Country:  United States of America
 SignUp Date  09/24/14

Biography of “The $keem” The word scheme has many connotations and none of them are in a positive light. But when you speak about “The $keem” you are speaking about positive energy that will produce the most uplifting and inspirational feelings while staying true to the grit and realness of the urban jungle that so many of us survive on a daily basis. “The $keem” born during the crack-era years of the late 80’s to a father that is a musician and a mother who was a model/actress was made for entertainment. Though surrounded by the madness that was going on in the streets “The $keem” found solace in the studio his father had built in their apartment. So “The $keem” was always around music or some form of entertainment. The defining moment in his life that made him decide that music specifically hip hop music was his calling was while watching “Video Musicbox” with VJ Ralph McDaniels. he saw the rap duo “Kris Kross” doing their signature song “Jump Jump”. A family friend “Dice” a producer/engineer said to $keem that he should do what they were doing. From that moment “The $keem” began mimicking the rappers he heard until he found a style he was comfortable making his own. He then began to write his own words to their beats. That was the early stages of the “$keemix” that “The $keem” presently uses to make popular songs his own. After getting battle tested in school “The $keem” took his journey to the next level. At the tender age of 14 $keem saw an opportunity to learn more about the business by being an intern and promoter for a young Loud Records. By April of 1999 his run at Loud had ended but a new door opened in the form of a chance meeting with a member of the Ruff Ryders Camp. On the spot Drag-on told $keem to give him a 16. $keem gave him a tight 32 bars that impressed Drag-on so much that he invited $keem to the Ruff Ryders’ office. Next thing $keem knows is he is in the company of such icons as the LOX DMX and super producer SWIZZ BEATZ. He became an intern at the office. He was gaining so much valuable knowledge about the music business under their tutelage. This knowledge would prove worthwhile because Bad Boy artist BLACK ROB wanted to sign $keem to a multi- album deal at his Alumni Records. $keem said thanks but “no thanks” because he would not have the freedom he was seeking from a deal. Since that time The $keem has been manged by Tito of the 80’s rap group FEARLESS FOUR. $keem in April 2005 held the champion moniker for 3 weeks on BET’s 106 PARK. In 2006 Brooklyn’s own DJ Ronin formed a bond with $keem and helped $keem his first mixtape “It Was All A $keem”. It receive decent reviews and caught the hears of several hip hop heads that lead to $keem opening for such acts as M.O.P A.Z and the Beatnuts. With $keem getting a little name for himself he landed in the cipher of philly’s own Cassidy. From 2007 thru 2009 $keem was all over with Cassidy even being part of the Larsiny Family.It was then he ped a mixtape that circled through out the tri-state entitled “Harlem’s Best Kept Secret” Hosted By Cassidy. In late ’09 they had a parting of ways but still for each others success. In 2010 $keem ped his 3rd mixtape called “The Progression 2010”. It has been getting good reviews but $keem felt it was time to step it up . In 2011 $keem has been in several showcases for A.D da General “Elegant Hoodness” program Jessie Jesse’s Urban Threshold events and APEX’s T.I.A The Industry Alternative Events. He went to Atlanta for a major showcase with AD da General’s “Elegant Hoodness” Program In 2013 The $keem ped “The Progression 2013 Operation : Bidding War. Increasing His Buzz.. With The $keem ping his ep/lp “$.K.E.E.M. - $trategically Killin Everything Evolving this summer will be making his mark as one of the Best Newcomers to the Industry. Watch out for this dynamic lyricist.

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