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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Ms. J.Dynasty
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  26
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  R&B/Hip-Hop/Southern Rap
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  08/30/14

Hello World... Ms. J.Dynasty here.. Wanting to give everybody an honest BIO to read. Its about time this BIO is d. For anyone who doesn’t know who I am... I am a Singer/Songwriter out of Corpus Christi TX. Ive been singing for 16+ years Recording for the past 8 years and still going. Ive set myself to a certain caliber in the underground music scene here in Corpus Christi. Im just always all about my music first. I’m a very detailed oriented recording artist. I dont rush my craft.. My passion in creating a song takes time which I take very seriously. Time is precious... Its a must to give your all or dont give in anything at all. At least that’s how I see it. A lot of people are curious on how I became so in tune with music and what my inspiration is. Well.. Just like any other little girl we all have dreams. Ive always loved to sing. As a child I would sing all the time with my cousin we would perform in front of family. I always had fun doing it. A little shy but I still did it. As I grew older I stopped singing for a while until I was 17 years old. Once I had the opportunity to sing again as a young adult I took advantage of it. I never left the booth since then. Im 26 years old now. Birthday July 4th. I own my own equipment for my own studio that Ive built for myself. Ive learned Im still learning every day to produce music. So yes I produce my own music. Im always open to working with Artist/Producers of any genre. Just send me an email with a sample of your music just tell me a little bit about yourself. Throughout these years Ive learned a lot by networking. Had the privilege to work with artist from Texas to New Mexico to Arizona. Personally I see it like any other honest person would... Which is If you really want something you MUST go after it DONT stop pursuing it. Of course in life you always have those people who doubt you.. Which they will always be my motivation to continue my journey to success. Since I can express feelings into music that many others can understand... to me that makes my music and my time very well worth it. Now I know I wont please everyone with my music and I dont expect to. What I do expect at lease is Respect for I am an Independent female solo artist I’ve always Managed myself. Im a dedicated individual which Im sure there are a lot of you out there that can say the same thing. And I respect you for that. The day that anyone crosses me disrespectfully is the day I lose respect for them. Who wouldnt? Im Proud to say Im 1 in RnB/Soul charts for Corpus Christi in the music scene at Now unfortunately things happen to the best of us so yes I have had my share of dealing with fraudulent people trying to cheat me take away my music from me. I need to simply empower my DYNASTY by helping it GROW into something Beautiful rather than allow the negativity around me dictate my success my future. Oh and Just to let yall know... My Dynasty is made up of my FANS my SUPPORTERS my fellow ARTIST my FRIENDS... my FAMILY. Self- explanatory. Im here to bounce back from a disturbing chapter in my life. A great lesson learned. It happens to the best of us. Again Im just here to make real music... My style My way. If it brings me many smiles much success new friends along the way... Theres no way Ill live to see the day Ill allow anyone to take it all away. I am Ms. J.Dynasty. Now you all can say you know a little bit more about me.. All there is left for me to say.. Is dont ever let yourself suffer because of somebody elses mistakes. Reach for the TOP.. I would love to see yall there someday. SALUTE Stay blessed family. 3

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Dope Page!Hot new music Video by Swish Carter KNOW HOW A MUST SEE!!
good music luv great job
Beautiful and loyal. Who wouldnt love those word coming from your sweet voice. Keep it up
on point frfr . . you goin n . . . keep it up
on point frfr . . you goin n . . . keep it up
Hey whassup? Just Dropping by to show some love.. Nice Tunes..Keep up the great work..Bless

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