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 SignUp Date  07/22/14

Artist Name: Steven Jennings Genre: World Art fusion of jazz blues hip hop and all music expression Debut Album: The 8th Day Coming in 2017 New Single Broken Blue coming July 2017. Active: 2015 Member: ASCAP Publisher Management: ASCAP Talent Summary: Songwriter Executive Producer Guitar Keyboard Bass and Vocals Hometowns: Washington DC (DMV) metro area USA Bronx/ NYC New York USA West Virginia USA South Carolina USA. Recorded at: Studio 23/JPro Columbia SC Steven Jennings has released his debut single entitled Huyu Ni Kaka Yangu ? (This is my Brother) from his forthcoming new CD called ? The 8th Day ? in 2016 his music is a New Generation of Spoken Word Art fusion of jazz hip hop blues world gospel and soul as well as lyrical content concerning social and political issues of our times. His music arrangements and lyrical content is being reviewed as bold unique and mind stimulating. Steven Jennings performing began at the age of 13 performing as guitarist vocalist and recording artist in Washington DC (DMV) with local and national acts performing concerts festivals and regional club circuit tours. He was mentored in the music business by the late legendary Clifton Dyson Jr. of MOTOWN/WESTEND labels recording artist songwriter and producer. Steven Jennings worked in AR and day to day operation manager for PGF and QS Record labels in the genre of gospel and rb music for Mr. Dyson. Currently Steven Jennings is recording his music tracks at Studio 23 in Columbia SC USA Jelani Harris is the production engineer and studio owner they?re working to together to create a fusion sound of musical genres for the project. Debut Album/CD The 8th Day is being mixed 8/272015. All music and lyrical content has been written instrumental performances and produced by Steven Jennings he has also involved some of his talented friends to lend their musical skills to some of the upcoming new release recordings such as ?American Blues ?and ?Is it Justice or is it Black and White ?to name a few of the artists on the CD package he has contemporary recording artist The DUBBER Dwayne Johnson jazz saxophonist recording artist and Matthew ?Matt? Wells percussionist. His new recordings will take you on a social journey thru the news topics and rhythms of the World and his homeland of USA America. The songs are written to express that regardless of race social status and beliefs that we all should strive to do better for Humanity and our World. Finally when speaking with Steven Jennings he said enjoy the music but listen harder to the lyric messages One World One Humanity and Love our brothers and sisters just ?Pledge Allegiance to the World of Mankind?.

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