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 Stage/Band Name:     Cory Linden
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Alternative/Folk-Rock
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  09/17/13

Florida-born Cory Linden is that rare multi-genre rock/pop/country singer songwriter that truly delivers the goods! From humor and satire to love and heartache its all there. Rarely will you find a more entertaining and diverse collection of songs in 1 album than what you get here. All of the superbly crafted 10 tracks tell a story musically and lyrically that run the gamut. They will inspire you make you laugh make you dance make you sing along make you reflect make you feel. Thats probably the keythese songs just feel! No machines just great music played by great musicians some of the best session players on the LA scene in fact. But its really Corys crafty storytelling and engaging voice that will reel you in and keep Based on a True Story stuck indefinitely in your Favorites playlist! Strong releasea lot of variety from one track to the nextwhether you like rock blues jazz even folk there is something for everyone. 5 STARS from Matheson Kamin Linden has a true talent for writing lyrics and forming them into well-composed songs and this album is proof of that. Linden has taken a handful of genres including soft rock country and pop and has molded them together into a unique sound he can call his own. 4 STARS from Alec Cunningham This album is solid all the way through. It is lyrically compelling instrumentally skillful and carries a clean clear sound throughout. Lindens ability to write songs that have strong meaning not just to him but to everyone is a testament to his love of life and of music. 4 STARS from Rhonda Readence It’s hard to imagine any listener for whom this disc would hold no treasures. It’s a very strong and accessible release. The vocals are top-notch but so is the songwriting. The instrumental performances are also great and it’s produced for a nice clean but not overly sterile sound. All in all this one lands in the win column any day. 4.5 STARS from G.W. Hill Linden’s lyrical acumen has impressed critics and fans alike and his musical talent and influences place him in a highly marketable musical niche. There’s no doubt that the man can write memorable songs. This is an album you’re likely to play again and again and again. 4 STARS from Wildy Haskell Based On a True Story is a rarity in the way it proposes music all can immerse themselves in and inevitably discover something that they will truly wholeheartedly enjoy. Great performances surround every composition as Linden proudly delivers. If Based On a True Story is indicative of Linden’s future artistry he will be taking the world by storm - a true gem. 4.5 STARS from Alexa Spieler

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Nice music bro! Check out New music with mickey mouse an the chipmunks new music Video swish carter know How a must see
totaly enjoyed your music and gave some votes hope you will stop by and check out my music
loving the mucic im voting please show love back with a video vote an thanks much love

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