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FIONA MISS 2.1 is #339 on the Top Video Charts
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         INDIE CHARTS PAST ACHIEVEMENTS                   
 #1 Top Song: Up N down
 #3 Top Video Charts
         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     FIONA MISS 2.1
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  17
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Pop
 SignUp Date  07/13/13

My Video to Up Down is in over 800 Journey Store Locations 4 August 2013. See the Playlist Here!! Yea!! FIONA (MISS.1) is way ahead of her time. Although she is in her teens Fiona looks back at some extraordinary successes in her young career. Fiona won the GERMAN CHAMPIONSHIP of HIP HOP DANCE and was also a singer of the German Girl Group “LOLLIPOPS”. While a member of the group Fiona as toured extensively throughout Germany. After she released a couple of Albums with the “LOLLIPOPS” under hit-producer Peter Hoffman (Tokyo Hotel) it’s now time for Fiona to embark on her next huge and bold venture of becoming a solo artist. As a solo artist Fiona’s new sound is more mature and although she is a teenager her swagger and style portray someone much more vibrant beyond her years. FIONA (MISS 2.1) is now looking to take her music internationally by joining forces with Power House Production Label 3 Shots Productions located in the United States She has the potential to eventually step into the foot prints of her great idols KE$HA PINK and KATY PERRY. However her idols are already in their mid twenties and FIONA is just embarking on her march towards STARDOM!!! FIONA has been FEATURED on the Front Cover of THRUST MAGAZINE in June’s 2012 Issue. MISS 2.1 HER PRESS RELEASE WAS WRITTEN UP IN TOP 40 CHARTS FIONA (MISS 2.1) has write ups in “I AM ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE.”

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good music
good stuff please vote back we are NEW IMAGE
Great dubStep remix of Boy Toy
nice work
nice work
Amiir King Born King mixtape is out and its hot check it out on with free downloads
Thats watsup keep on pushn!!!Stay me out new music on
Today at 6pm tunein 98.4 WPIR. they will be playing Raina Dont Cry. Request calling 347 501 wpir Listen on my page2.
keep doing good music
i like it i shall keep comeing back to you page to see whats up with you music i like you song for photo

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FIONA MISS 2.1 made the Featured Top Indie Picks with a 7.3 Panel Score.

Based on FIONA MISS 2.1's Panel Score of 7.315
FIONA MISS 2.1's overall genres Panel Rank position is #74
FIONA MISS 2.1's Panel Rank position for the Genre of POP is #17

Based on FIONA MISS 2.1's Member Score of 5.566
FIONA MISS 2.1's overall genres Member Rank position is #22334

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of POP
FIONA MISS 2.1 has the #24 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.315
FIONA MISS 2.1's has the #502 Highest Member Score with a 5.566

FIONA MISS 2.1 has also made the Top Video Charts at # 339

FIONA MISS 2.1 has also made the Top Song Charts
Track Name: Up N down
Position: 15

FIONA MISS 2.1 has made it also as one of our Featured Artists.
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