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 Stage/Band Name:     Crisis (KENT)
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  23
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Pop/Party/Truth
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  09/25/12

Christon Willis Cole 23 is quickly making a name for himself within the St. Louis hip-hop and pop industry as “Crisis (KENT)”. His hard-hitting beats artistic sound lyrical style is guaranteed to make him a commercial icon in the entertainment business. Born April 13 1989 Crisis was raised in the Metro-St. Louis area. Crisis comes from a middle-class family is the youngest of two children. From an early age he knew that music was his area of interest. Starting his rap career at age eleven Crisis slowly began writing his own music creating his own beats and free-styling. He showed his creativity not only through writing but by becoming his own producer at age twelve. One year after making the decision to become an artist/producer Crisis began to have problems within his home and family life. His mother and father divorced when he was thirteen years old creating a strain on Crisis’s relationship with his father. To date they dont have a close relationship. Although a close-knit relationship had never been established between Crisis and his father HE has remained motivated to succeed. In fact drawing from negative and positive personal experiences along with internal struggles has been at the of much of his work. After graduating from Hazelwood East High School Crisis enrolled in Florissant Valley Community College where he is currently studying computer engineering. Remaining focused on academics the pursuit of a college degree has been no easy task but Crisis is making his way through with the support of his music family Grind Squad Entertainment/Grind Squad Music Group. Crisis became a member of Grind Squad in 2007. Crisis received his stage name from Red then CEO of Grind Squad Entertainment. Red chose this name as a way to express the type of artist Crisis would be in the industry – a problem for other artists who lack the same intensity creativity and ambition!!!. Since then Crisis has written more than 200 songs and produced various tracks not only for his own records but for other artists of the Grind Squad Family beyond. Although Crisis has been compared to famous artists such as Kanye West Jay Z and B.o.B his sound is distinct from the average rapper. Combining several genres of music such as hip-hop pop techno and rock Crisis has developed a unique and unified sound that has shaped his identity. Since main stream rappers are at the core of the rap game Crisis has dedicated countless hours into perfecting and customizing his sound giving his listeners versatility. Since the launch of his career the drive for Crisis to succeed is at an all time high. He is more than determined to be known for his creativity passion and hard-work......... The new project entitled More Than A Mixtape is available for streaming download: Listeners fans can stay connected to Crisis via Facebook: Crisis (KENT) Twitter: @CrisisKENT or email:

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