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 Stage/Band Name:     Kel
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  22
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/RB
 SignUp Date  08/25/12

  Keldric “Kel” Bonton was born and raised in Alexandria Louisiana. Like many contemporary black artists his love of music started at an early age and was nurtured in the church. By age five he was singing in the church choir where his musical talent was recognized. Kel continued to develop his musical talent throughout his formative years. In high school music became his passion. He realized he could combine his passion and musical talent into a career. He played the trumpet in the marching band and found that he had a talent for arranging and composing. Some of his early musical influences include Earth Wind and Fire Frankie Beverly and Maze and Luther Vandross. The success of these musical giants greatly influenced Kel and prompted him to music as a career. Kel used his high school years to develop his sound often recording in a friend’s home. Kel combined his love of Hip Hop with contemporary R B to produce a sound that appeals to both young and old. During high school Kel was given the nickname “Killa.” As a result of the nickname Kel’s stage name Killa Kel was born. The name represented different aspects of Kel’s personality with Killa representing the dark mysterious side and Kel the good socially acceptable side.  By age eighteen Kel became Killa Kel—the recording artist and a career were born. Killa Kel released his first mix tape entitled College Preparation Volume 1: Freshman Year under his own label Flyy Guy Entertainment. Flyy Guy actually stands for Freely Living Your Youth because God Understands You.  He then went on to release four more projects including Real Music 101: Winter Session College Preparation Volume 2: Sophomore Year No More Mr. Nice Guy and his most recent project College Preparation Volume 3: Junior Year which is scheduled to release on September 8 2011. Kel has maintained his recording career while being a full-time college student. His hometown newspaper and other local and state media outlets have featured him in their publications. In addition many radio stations throughout the state have played his music Kel’s music is constantly evolving. Despite admiring such artists as Tupac and Kanye West Kel’s music is free from profanity. His strong religious faith recently led him to change his stage name from Killa Kel to Kel. He feels God has given him a special musical talent. He intends to use that talent to make a difference in his community and perhaps the world.

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Nice stuff. Check my video. Today @6pm tunein to wpir 98.4 they will play Raina Dont Cry and Hey yo! Request 347501wpir
Fire tracks I got them in rotation over here!! Just voted plz do the same!!!
Yo that joint is some real hip-hop foe sho!!!!!!

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Based on Kel's Panel Score of 7.305
Kel's overall genres Panel Rank position is #84
Kel's Panel Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #22

Based on Kel's Member Score of 5.578
Kel's overall genres Member Rank position is #22293
Kel's Member Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #9250

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of HIP-HOP
Kel has the #20 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.305
Kel's has the #5487 Highest Member Score with a 5.578

Kel has also made the Top Video Charts at # 365
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