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Indie URL: indiecharts.com/legiontheak

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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  24
 Band Web Site:  facebook.com/legiontheak
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Other/Rap/shock hop!!
 Country:  usa
 SignUp Date  07/02/12

Legion The A.K.- A lot can be said about a man that has chosen to learn from his mistakesand turn them into triumphs. Through out his life this is exactly what Wade Martinson has done. He was born in Layton Utah November 20th 1987to Dwain R Martinson and Margaret Burrows. From the time Wade was born he has always had a love for music in his blood. Living most of his life in small farming communities along Utah's Wasatch front Wade was brought up listening to Country Western Music. He had a love for the more traditional Artists such as Merle Haggard Waylon Jennings Johnny Cash and others of that Era. Although he was raised in the 80's and 90's he was a big fan of the classics. Wade was brought up in a western lifestyle participating in Horse Posse Rodeo Hunting Fishing Ect all of which he still enjoys to this day. So at his point your asking yourself this question. What was it that turned the man I see from one extreme to the other in forms of style and music? Wade growing up as a kid was the walking clone of his Father. What ever Dad done Wade done. However early in Wade's teen years he started to break free a little and took a crack at learning his lessons his own way. Going through his teenage years he made a lot of choices that got him in a lot trouble. But he always learned from from his mistakes. One factor that should be remembered as you are watching his performances that is his down home country boy work ethic. This work ethic was ultimately the one factor that pushed him over into taking chances in life that most people would constitute as insanity. He tried his hand at MMA fighting for awhile. Coming from a strong wrestling background this became an early passion for a while. He dabbled in several passions in his life but his diversity in music and his love for writing stories and poetry eventually had to come together in what is now a music with a unique sound and style. Wade has taken his life experiences and all of his emotions and payed them down together with beats that together has come up with song's that inspire a person to the soul. To others it might seem that listening to his lyrics is detrimental to the soul. His Father once said(with a grin) that when he heard the lyrics to ALL MY DEMONS he felt as though he should go repent of his sins. Talk about one extreme to the other! Having always had a passion for life and excelling at w the things he loves being a devoted Husband and Father gives him the drive and motivation to make it in this industry. He performs with heart and passion and draws crowds into what turns out to be a multiple style music frenzy! When you see him perform you too will experience a whole new meaning to the words ( BONE CHILLING ). Now with his music career ahead of him Wade plans on making the most of his now! All of the trials and hardships that he has experienced in his life up to now has become his traction to his upcoming explosion into the music industry. No one can say that success comes easy. To Wade this is an understatement. Hard work and intestinal fortitude has been what he has used to get where he is. It will be them same two traits that gets him to where he going.

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lets get some votes! Listen and leave a comment to let me know what you think!!!!
gonna be featured in wws mag and a spotlight on artist pr hell ya!!!!
just sounds kinda the same as the previous 6 i listened to and thats why. i only give honest and true reviews!!
lets get some honest votes!!
lets get some honest votes!!
the legion has entered the charts!!

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