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         MUSIC VIDEO BY: Khalfani Music
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 Stage/Band Name:     Khalfani Music
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  25
 Band Web Site:  
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Other/Hip-Hop/Other
 Country:  united states
 SignUp Date  06/17/12

THRAXXX a.k.a. Da Sundanze Kidd and sometimes called THR!LLA feels he is the best Artist in or out the game. Born on the westside streets of Chicago Thraxxx felt that rap/hip-hop was his way of esaping the hardcore streets. His skills on the block would steer him to the booth. His skills in the booth steered him to success from housing a range of mixtapes to creating an albulm titled DA BLOCK. His latest mixtape is titled AUDIO CRACK which of course he giving away free on Reverbnation The Name Tra-wood was earned by the rapper born with the name Tracy Harris. The veteran Flame thrower known for his high energy approach to every track he spits on got the name because his crew knew Tra would do whatever (TRAWOOD) “I was born on the Westside of Chicago. I came up with Twista Do or Die C.O.G J.D.Walker Triple Darkness Snipers”. You can catch Trawood in the HP camp these days as one third of the hard hittin trio “Three Da Hard way”. Trawood’s competitive nature rose as he stood tall with the Three da hard way project increasing the attack of CEO Dillo and Thraxx. I start going hard on the rap side in the middle 90-s. I performed with Memphis Bleek Twista Kanye West. In 2010 look for the Trawood’s solo project is sure to be a banger. The HP camp requested Trawood to do his solo project “Pressure” because he’s been swamped doin features for everybody on demand like Comcast. The Lyrical juggernaut done did it now as he is being exclusively produced by the undisputed Champ in Chi Town right now “TommySkillfinger” “Me and Skillz work together like peanut butter and Jelly”. The rap game provides me a real life native and I play with it as a hobby really it's another legit hu$tle for my urban culture. I love 2 touch on a situation 4 my brothers and sisters in the struggle. I gotta thank our Heavenly Father for giving me the talent to help me get through 2 my people's R.I.P CRISIS SCOOBY G

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I like that in ya ck me out It's Frankie Da Game Spitta!!!Put ya friends on it new track on
Hey plz check my page got hot catchy hot tracks you can even buy on itunes! plz vote/comment and follow me on twitter
I like your tracks.Keep your style up.
over his 200th and counting.on fire with his deep lyrics and dark thoughtz..please check it out...philly all day tell it
whats good bro good music keep it going show love back get at us
check out my new track money all around me
u got all 5's from me. good look on showin love
thanks 4 the love i voted infinadeey hot music you get fives from me
you go hard infniadeey have a look at yo boy

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Production   4.8 34 Votes
Originality   4.8 34 Votes
Sound Quality   4.9 34 Votes
Lyrics   4.7 33 Votes
Vocals   4.8 34 Votes
Artistic Theme   4.8 34 Votes
Fashion Sense   4.7 34 Votes
General Performance   4.8 34 Votes
Musical Composition   4.8 34 Votes
Beat Complexity   4.8 34 Votes
Melody   4.8 34 Votes
Instruments   4.8 34 Votes
Mixing   4.8 34 Votes
Entertaining   4.8 34 Votes
Overall Music   4.8 34 Votes
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