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August King is #45 on the Top Video Charts
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 #37 Top Video Charts
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 Stage/Band Name:     August King
 Member Type:  Manager
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  23
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Hip-Hop
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  05/24/12

As a producer rapper singer and songwriter August King is a jack of all trades. August plays piano guitar drums and is also capable of creating beats. Self taught to play piano at the age of eleven August quickly fell in love with music. It wasn't until age 15 that his dreams of becoming a rock star were realized when he began to play guitar in his friend's band. Along the way he found his talent in the field of songwriting which led him into production. Soon August along with close friend Gary Madrid collaborated to create the label Classic League. The two man production team had dreams of developing chart-topping beats working with artists like Kool Cash. The duo was short-lived and forced August to rethink the path he wanted to take with his music career. After completing one year of schooling at the University of New Mexico he made the decision to make music his full time passion. Building a studio in his parent's warehouse August has put his energy over the past two years into developing high-energy beats and creative lyrics to couple with them. August released his first mixtape Cirque Du Soliel in September of 2011 leading to a small circuit tour to promote the disk. He is currently working on his next project Golden Legs Club which will be ping in the near future. With the great support of my friends family and people I've met along this journey August says I know it won't be long until I make it.

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Based on August King's Panel Score of 7.188
August King's overall genres Panel Rank position is #593
August King's Panel Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #185

Based on August King's Member Score of 5.485
August King's overall genres Member Rank position is #23175
August King's Member Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #9691

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of HIP-HOP
August King has the #87 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.188
August King's has the #5856 Highest Member Score with a 5.485

August King has also made the Top Video Charts at # 45
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