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TheRebel is #173 on the Top Video Charts
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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     TheRebel
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  26
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Latin/Hip-Hop/Rap
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  04/27/12

Im A Rebel From Las Vegas Born Raised In This Beautiful City Of Lights. From The EastSide. In A Hip-Hop Movement Called Poetical Slang (P.Slang). It's A Type Of Language Made up Of Poetry HipHop Rap Music Arts Literature The Life We Lived In The Streets. Created By Producer Jeri Forth Rapper L.I.T.S.By Mr.4YourImformation .AKA. Details Last But Not Least ME The Song Writer Formally As The Rebel. I've Been Featured On Many Las Vegas Local Albums: Romero's(Clik One)Monte Carlo Nights vol.1-High Tempertures. Du Ragg's(Str8Laced Productions) Romero's(Clik One) The Gun The Mask Compilation-Were It At. GNP Records The Best Of Clika One-Were It At. Docwel's From The Ground Up-The New Generation. LOOK OUT FOR THE ALBUMS FROM TheRebel: ESTRAGOS FT. REBEL LOS DE MAS ALLA TheRebel DOWNLOADS MIXTAPE ATLV EP by StatikV TheRebel. THE REBEL..... I was born raised in Las Vegas NV. This beautiful city of SIN. yes the only place were you're not out of luck until you're out of money.. living in Vegas is fast but music kept me grounded A way to get things off my chest without regret or remorse.. I'm NOt a rapper I'm a figure of your imagination. A handcrafted artist A word of mouth freedom of speech The FarOut An E.T. A way of forbidden communication the last of a dying breed the first one to finish the last one to win THE REBEL.. IM A REBEL BORN IM A REBEL BREAD WHEN I DIE I'LL BE A REBEL DEAD.. POETICAL SLANG is a group of new old up coming music that anyone in any genre can relate too. P.SLANG was establish in 2002 started speaking to the people in 2003 POETICAL SLANG was created by two of vegas finest (the rebel details) when they met two underground artists (jeri forth l.i.t.s.).they weathered the storm told themselves that one day they will became the hardest hip-hop group to step bounce wrap the game up. THE REBEL: A MIND THAT BRINGS STRENGTH LOVE VICTORY TO THE BATTLEFIELD. Now A solo artist TheRebel makes A comeback to quiet the critics rock the crowd with his old school attitude new age look. TheRebel has been on some of the loudest stages like the house of blues LV or the Roseland Theater in Portland Even The Club Galaxy New Mexico. Performing Live Along side: Frankie J Lil Flip Too Short Kid Frost Lil Rob MC Magic The Lighter Shade Of Brown Chingo Bling Dj Kane just to name A few. Doing anything everything From Spanish to English Rap in all styles of life..

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Based on TheRebel's Panel Score of 7.198
TheRebel's overall genres Panel Rank position is #742
TheRebel's Panel Rank position for the Genre of LATIN is #2

Based on TheRebel's Member Score of 5.581
TheRebel's overall genres Member Rank position is #22102
TheRebel's Member Rank position for the Genre of LATIN is #62

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of LATIN
TheRebel has the #2 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.198
TheRebel's has the #58 Highest Member Score with a 5.581

TheRebel has also made the Top Video Charts at # 173
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