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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Apollo 13
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Band Web Site:  twitter.com/apollo13baby
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/RB
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  04/18/12

CHAIN-GANG - 1/3 of the Apollo 13 the newest up an coming groups out of the bay areas save the music movement 25 year old Bakari Williams has been rapping for as long as he can remember. He is also an up and coming producer having had tracks appear on several albums already including Khali Hustles Story Behind Tha Scarz. Truly a product of nearly all of Northern California Bakari was born in Oakland raised in Richmond and currently resides in Sacramento while he says Im working on gathering more exposure. Watching his brothers closely at a young age he instantly fell in love with music. As a rapper and a producer he has an eclectic ear and listens to various styles of music but states that his favorite artists are 2Pac Busta Rhymes Petey Pablo Ice Cube and Xzibit. Not just settling for being able to record and have songs floating around in the streets while they prepare their debut album release Apollo 13 already have many big performances under their belts including Juneteenth 103.5 The Bomb KBMB in Sacramento the State Fair an a victory at the Sacramento Black Expo. With the typical goals of being successful in the music business Bakari also has realistic plans of investing to make sure his family and his real folks are set for the future. And as far as the group goes he says we wont stop until everybody eats..... .. TRILL- Bernard Deshawn Lee is a 26 year old native of Richmond California. There while growing up he was exposed to rap and the music industry at the young age of 7 as he watched his older uncles try to bring new talent into the local scene. This drove him to his decision that he wanted to pursue his rap music talents as a career. Being able to have the right combination of humbleness and confidence can be one of the greatest keys to success on the path to stardom. trill makes an incredibly humble statement on his and the Apollo 13 pursuit of respect and their goals To become a respected rap artist is not an easy thing to do and God knows I love hard work. Continuing he said Where is the beauty in your goal if somebody hands it to you and it is not earned? The truth is there is none. Apollo 13 are now on a big journey as he puts it to accomplish things that the Bay Area has not seen yet like true respect in the rap industry nationwide and worldwide. Stay tuned for the release of the Apollo 13 debut mixtape to hear how they further plan to help this transition for themselves and the Bay Area as a whole..... .. O'Feava Las Vegas - Describing himself as having a rough outer edge but really been a cool nigga 25 year old Richmond California based Andre Eastland began rapping at ayoung age but really took it seriously in the 10th grade after being influenced by fellow 20-Boyz member Bakari. Originally the name of the group was The 220 Convicts but they changed it to something that represents their core group 20-Boyz meaning second to none. Individually his name is O'Feava which to him means to have bars in his mind that come out hot on paper. As a group which he says has great chemistry the 20-Boyz style of music is hyphy energetic club tracks that get you crunk. Dont pigeon hole the group though as they say our style of music is different from other Bay Area artists and our performance is something that you have to see for yourself. They want to show that the Bay Area truly has something to offer. According to him their music is about having fun the ladies life partying and the violence we cant seem to get away from. He is quick to point out that the Apollo 13 music does not contain fictional tales and is only fueled from real life experiences. As with much of the music available today the group is not centered on negativity and in the future O'Feava says you can look forward to a well rounded album which might even include some gospel tracks. Inspired by 2Pac who he believes is the greatest rapper ever Busta Rhymes and Petey Pablo he wants to experience longevity in the music industry while touching as many people as he can. As each member of the group continues to play their own role they plan to continue working their way to the top

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Hey people check out my new song called hey yo. this time i`m killing it in the hiphop scene. let me know what you
Im feelin You aint bout that life.... check me out and let me know what you think...
Like the music ! Check me out aswell ! Fav Me
Amazing keep it going check us out give us your honest opinion
check me out rexdolce.bandcamp.com please rate my music.
Yea Good Shit bro mad respect the best I've heard on here so far.
sick homey check my shit
I See The Talent!!! Keep up the GOOD Work!!!
Just rated ur tunes thier tuff fam. Dolike wise 4 me pure RESPECT

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