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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  25
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 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Other/RB/HIP HOP
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  04/18/12

thru the fire ... Every musician has a story. Every form of art originates from some type of emotional pain and the need to release. However few can truly say they’ve treaded down the same difficult path as singer/rap artist Lady Envy born Kimberly Sawyer. Born in Montclair CA now residing in San Antonio TX Lady Envy mixes a soft singing voice with a gritty style of rap that is reminiscent of female artists like Amanda Perez or even a Mia X. Her history is channeled through the strength of her lyrics and powerful singing voice but the greatest song in the world couldn’t breach the surface of what this rising talent has had to endure. Even at a young age young Kimberly’s story appeared to start just as any other Honor Roll and perfect attendance in school growing up winner of various beauty and talent contests a mother that loved to show her off. But everything isn’t always as it seems and there is usually more commotion behind the scenes than on the stage. A wrongly read sonogram led her parents to think they’d be having their first boy so when a little Kimberly was born an unfortunate resentment developed towards her from her father’s side of the family. Having an alcoholic father didn’t help matters and conflicts would occur throughout her childhood leading to her moving to San Bernardino with her mom and sister. Through all the commotion a 13yr old Kimberly found sanctuary in writing poems and performing karaoke at her mom’s work where she would later be the one to introduce her mother to her next boyfriend. Astonishingly her mother made the decision to move in with her boyfriend and let her 14yr old daughter handle the responsibilities of running a household all on her own. She somehow managed to stay in school work and pay most of the bills but it became too much to bear and with less than 3 months remaining until graduation and minimal support from her family she ped out and moved to Laughlin NV to Hemet CA then Buffalo NY. From there at 17 she became involved in an abusive relationship and moved from Flemington NJ to Las Vegas NV. The travelling and experiences would provide the seasoning and ultimately the back for her inspiration as an artist. As Lady Envy began to develop on the inside Kimberly on the outside continued to put up with daily abuse from her boyfriend at one point getting injured so severely that she was confined to a wheelchair for 6 months with doctors saying she would never walk again. However as she’d been doing her whole life she proved all doubters wrong by fighting through and persevered. And on top of all that she was then arrested along with her boyfriend for writing bad checks and spent nearly 2 weeks in jail. Although she was released and found innocent (her boyfriend had been forging her signature) that was the last straw. She left him for New York but after stopping for a layover in San Antonio decided to hang up her coat down south in Texas. She found work as a nanny in San Antonio and eventually got involved with another man. Once again she found herself in another destructive relationship. For 4 years she was locked inside her home when he would leave. With complete isolation from the outside world and only herself to push her Lady Envy continued to persevere. Until one day she became sick to the point of seizures and not being able to walk. Upon going to the hospital Kimberly found out she had stage 3 ovarian cancer. On top of that one day after coming home from treatment she found her boyfriend in bed with another woman! She would move back to New York for about 3 months to get her money situation stable then back to San Antonio to attend culinary school. This time she found out she had stage 2 cancer in her throat starting from her left lymph node and spreading to her tonsils. But things would eventually begin to get better… Upon completing culinary school she got a job at the historic Tower of the Americas in downtown San Antonio. While at work a chance moment found her unknowingly singing to the staff on her first day. People stopped in their tracks and started to clap and Lady Envy knew what she needed to do. She began to stack up music instrumentals and put her poetry to the rhythm. She began working with two different local groups in San Antonio only to run into problems with each. After getting her nose broken in a riot at one of her groups’ shows she was fired from her job. And on top of that when the group allowed her to stay with them they began to take advantage and once again Kimberly found herself wandering out on her own. If it wasn't bad enough they slandered her name and kept everything she owned. Through all of these experiences Lady Envy has begun to develop into a polished dedicated artist. Her music reflects a pain that everyone has experienced in part at some point although maybe not as collectively as Kimberly has. With a strong drive to accomplish her goals and a fight in her similar to a UFC heavyweight champion Lady Envy continues to develop her presence on the internet and is working on her upcoming album due out before the end of 2011. With every new listener she gains more and more attention and respect for her craft. It is only a matter of time before Lady Envy/Kimberly Sawyer begins to garner attention on a much larger scale.

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wats g check me/vote 4 me and ill do da same....wickedman
alot of people say i have super sick lyrics dont miss out plz vote comment an add to favorites ill do the same
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Chapter 1 stands tall
I Love Your Style. All 5's. Check Out My Music Give Me Your Vote Please.
check me out please rate my music.
loving it rate my page plz
Awsome Work Hogh 5s :)
Track 2 rides hard!
I like your work. Check out my music and tell me what you think.

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