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Indie URL: indiecharts.com/zhavea

         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  20
 Band Web Site:  zhavea.com
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Pop/RB/hiphop
 Country:  united states
 SignUp Date  11/25/11

Since an early age RB/ Pop artist Zhavea Perry displayed a remarkable aptitude for singing. Known simply as Zhavea she was born to West Indian and Portuguese parents in Marina Del Rey California. Blessed with a phenomenal voice and an undeniable zest for entertaining Zhavea is a breath of fresh air for the music world bringing sheer talent and stunning beauty to the music scene. From the beginning Zhavea made it known that as a singer she could deliver captivating entertainment. She exhibited a strong dedication to her calling as a young child spending hours each day perfecting her craft and performing for family friends and neighbors or anyone who would lend an ear. Her parents nurtured her entertaining skills providing Zhavea with singing lessons and Hip-Hop dance classes to improve her skills when she was five years old. At the age of seven she attended the Adderley School for the Performing Arts in Pacific Palisades. Attending Adderley where she routinely performed on stage was confirmation for Zhavea that she wanted a career in entertainment. Her young tenure at Adderley was the beginning of multiple talent showcases and musical plays Zhavea would star in as a supporting or lead role including the lead in Cinderella and as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Zhavea took her singing talent to the next level at age eight sporadically performing at different such as the West Side Pavilion in Los Angeles and Fox Hills Mall in Culver City as well as performing in talent competitions. Zhavea kept her sights firmly set on entertainment when she enrolled in High School garnering three musical plays and participating in the annual talent show. By high school the industry began to take notice of Zhavea. Two representatives for Interscope Records took interest in Zhavea’s talent when she was 14 inviting her to audition for a girl group. Zhavea did not make the group because she was much taller than the other members. Rather than allow this to discourage her Zhavea used the experience to inspire her to launch a solo career which she hoped to take shape after she graduated from Pacific Christian High School in 2010. Zhavea continued to excel as a performer immersing herself in singing and Hip-Hop dancing when she entered college. She drew inspiration from her favorite artists growing up like Aaliyah Alicia Keys Destiny Child Swv. Christina Aguilera.Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey as she prepared to take the next leap in her career. In 2011 she recorded her debut single “Shut it Down written by Yoftahe Zewdu also known as Yufi of Good Thief Music Group and produced by Jonathan Joseph of Jnat Beats. Zhavea’s first music video for “Shut it Down produced by Zarian Hardly of Nola Morris Entertainment was released in July of 2011. Continuing with the momentum from her first single’s success Zhavea’s second single Like That was released in October of 2011 which she co-wrote with Yoftahe Zewdu. Almost effortlessly Zhavea stands apart from the crowd with her exotic looks and eclectic fashion sense that command attention. With virtually endless opportunities ahead of her Zhavea still remains grounded and grateful for the chance to perform. “I’m beyond committed to entertaining. I eat sleep and breath this lifestyle because I love it so much and I refuse to take it for granted” Zhavea said. “If I’m only given five minutes to entertain people I’m going to make it the best five minutes I can possibly give because they blessed me with the opportunity.” Zhavea is ready to energize the music world with her distinct sound and unique style. Her drive to showcase her musical and dance talents is propelling her to new heights. With her burgeoning solo career in full motion she is hard at work planning a debut album which has already generated buzz following the release of her singles on iTunes. Zhavea is currently in the studio recording two new tracks and choreographing dance routines for her upcoming performances. She is teaming again with song writer Yoftahe Zawdu. Her upcoming singles Moment of Clarity and “Bring it Back” will soon be released.

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