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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  23
 Band Web Site:  
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Hip-Hop/HardCore
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  07/09/11

On August 31st 1986 in the Brick City Newark NJ Darren Coleman AKA STARZ was born. Son of Jazz Singer Jonnie Coleman his childhood consisted of accompanying his mother as she struggled performing regularly at various venues all over the east coast. This exposure to real music gave STARZ the motivation and inspiration to become the extremely versatile artist he is today. For years he would sit in studios for hours as she mastered her craft of song. These studio rituals became a regular part of life. -In his teens STARZ was lured into the temptations of the New Jersey street life. STARZ was caught very deep in the underworld. The fast cars easy money and gunfire would soon lead to STARZ becoming homeless and distraught the streets had taken everything they had given. -Only after his mother passed away tragically at a young age STARZ decided to pursue music full time with her same passion and intensity. Starting with neighborhood battles leading into explosive showcase performances and eventually establishing BLOCK BUSINESS WORLDWIDE as a way for the NJ streets to really speak to the world. Now with closely Simon Katz from the legendary band “Guerrillaz” “Jamiroquai” and also an array of Multi-Platinum Hip-Hop Artist’s such as: Beanie Sigel Bun-B and Sheek Louch with helpful insight from other Major artist such as: J.Cole Raekwon GhostfFace Killah Jadakiss Saigon and many more……. STARZ was also featured on a Def Jam compilation in 2011 titled “Glorification of a Gangster”. This Extraordinary artist was recently featured on Funk Master Flex’s “I Flex We Trust” website. He appeared on in the Banger column as well as a number of popular hip-hop websites. Thanks to the overwhelming support from followers in areas such as New Zealand Macedonia France Germany and of course the Tri-State area STARZ mix tapes “Murda Material” “ Murda Material 2” have become instant street classics. STARZ brings the listeners through his epic life story using Melodic Beats mixed with everyday experiences. ”His brute baritone voice creates a revolutionary sound that’s comparable to none” says Simon Katz from “The Guerillaz”. Due to the belief in his music STARZ has caught the eye of a designer for Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee’s Phat Farm and Baby Phat lines “Kevin Saer Leong” who has recently started his own clothing line entitled “Origami” in which STARZ is currently a model. Furthermore STARZ has gained sponsorship from major vodka company out of the west coast “Krol Vodka” which has appeared on VH1’s “Khloe Lamar Show” And in the hands of other celebrities such as Tommy Lee Terrance Howard and many more. Proving that STARZ is not only a great artist but a great business man as well! For all those who haven’t yet had the experience GET READY FOR STARZ!!!!!!!

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Amiir King Born King mixtape is out and its hot check it out on with free downloads
New track!!! 12 am in los angeles must hear this
Check out my music really lyrical nice songs spread the word thanks
im from flint Michigan where its a high murda rate vote an comment an ill do the same plz its the only way to move up in
Nice shit homey... check me out
Hey everyone plz check my page got hot tracks for you you can download on itunes/emusic. vote comment/ join on twitter
them tracks ill check me out i got flow
like tracks check me out uk rapper bumpshkin

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