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Indie URL: indiecharts.com/tylernoel

Tyler Noel is #269 on the Top Video Charts
         MUSIC VIDEO BY: Tyler Noel
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         INDIE CHARTS PAST ACHIEVEMENTS                   
 #1 Top Song Chart
 #12 Top Lyrics: Tell it 2 my heart
 #13 Top Vocals: Lights On
 #2 Top Song Chart
 #5 Top Song Chart
         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Tyler Noel
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  25
 Band Web Site:  mstylernoel.com
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  R&B/Pop/Southern Soul
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  06/24/11

Go to http://youtube.com/tylernoelmusic A native of Fort Lauderdale Florida Tyler Noel began singing at the tender age of five in the church choir. It was there at church that her passion and love for music would begin to grow. At the age of 12 Noel began her professional music career when she joined the girl group Solo Tre. The group was signed to acclaimed producer Derek Baker also known as Bigg D who is known for producing Jamie Foxx’s hit Unpredictable. After singing with Solo Tre for two years Noel then joined the girl group Synphony which was created by songwriter and producer Troy Bell. Within a couple years the five piece group Synphony had became a trio and by the time Noel was 18 the thought of being a solo artist was burning in her mind. Having been a lead singer most of her life and with years of life experience Noel knew that being a solo artist would be the best move for her career. With plans to attend college fate had different plans for her when she suffered a severe partially paralyzing stroke which left her barely able to speak at the age of 18. For a while Noel began to doubt that she would be able to go to school but the fighter within gave her strength to overcome a speech impediment caused by the stroke. Her determination love for music and support from her father who she credits as her best friend allowed her to prevail against the odds and continue her musical journey at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Rotan Florida where she studied music with a concentration in vocal performance. With academic training street credibility and pure talent.Her infectious charisma cannot be contained into one box. Noel is inspired by the memory of her father who passed 2007 and her life experiences in the streets of Florida. You can hear her story and passion in her music. It’s raw it’s real it’s uncensored and it is truly powerful. To know Tyler Noel is to know her music. It is there that she gives you light into her world. “I write and sing about my life and that’s why my songs are instantly relatable” says Tyler Noel whose vocal idol is gospel icon Karen Clark Sheard. She also adores all genres of music ranging from Mozart and Bach to Gwen Stefani and Sarah Mclachlan to Donny Hathaway and Brandy. Sultry sexy and unadulterated RB singer Tyler Noel is giving you something real to listen to. The unsigned artist gearing up to sign with a major label has an album in the works and a new smash single “I Can Do Better” featuring a hypersexual duet with RB sensation Pleasure P formerly of Pretty Ricky. The song also features the production artistry of Lil Ronnie (Brittany Spears Bow Wow R. Kelly) Tyler’s story is bursting with up’s and downs achievements as well as disappointments. “Singing is a source of healing for me. If it’s not real how can I expect other people to believe it?” One thing remains constant to all who know and love her as family friend or fan: her sincerity. Contact kenyakreations@gmail.com

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love it
really loving the sound would love to collab im showing love with a vote please show love back great job
great work..i shouldve been lead in video tho.lol
Hot!!!!! you and the music please check us out in return much success
Amiir King Last Pharaohs video is on YouTube and follow Amiir King on SoundCloud check out my new music and vote
come check me out
Come check me out.

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OVERALL GENRES: Member Rank R&B CHARTS: Member Rank
Based on Tyler Noel's Panel Score of 7.321
Tyler Noel's overall genres Panel Rank position is #53
Tyler Noel's Panel Rank position for the Genre of R&B is #3

Based on Tyler Noel's Member Score of 5.754
Tyler Noel's overall genres Member Rank position is #15197
Tyler Noel's Member Rank position for the Genre of R&B is #623

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of R&B
Tyler Noel has the #3 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.321
Tyler Noel's has the #470 Highest Member Score with a 5.753

Tyler Noel has also made the Top Video Charts at # 269

Tyler Noel has also made the Top Song Charts
Track Name: Messed Up
Position: 349

Tyler Noel has also made the Top Vocals Charts
Track Name: Lights On
Position: 13

Tyler Noel has also made the Top Lyrics Charts
Track Name: Tell it 2 my heart
Position: 12
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