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         MUSIC VIDEO BY: Infinity
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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Infinity
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  23
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap
 Country:  Canada
 SignUp Date  06/11/11

Follow infinity on Twitter @InfinityMusik New Mixtape After Dark NOW available for FREE DL: Stream and Download Glass man and The Dream 2 for free! at Thank you to all the supporters! The Brainstorm Volume 1 Link: OR Stream and Download for free! Contact: Twitter: @InfinityMusik Bio: Infinity (Dominic Giuliano) was born on September 18th 1991 in Mississauga Ontario. He was raised in Etobikoe Toronto as a young child then moving to Brampton when he was 7 years old and spending most of his life in this city. His family is very music related in a lot of ways his Father being a DJ Mother a singer Brother in a metal band/producer and even uncle being involved in music for many years. In grade 5 Dominic started getting into hip hop more being the only hip hop influence in his family. Influenced by artists/bands such Eminem Nelly Classified Aerosmith Missy Elliott Hollywood Undead and so many more. In High-School Dominic attended St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School where he met his best friends Emmanuel Addai (Emman) and Jonathon Frankie (JFrankie/Sigy) to form the Young Legendz. Whom recently just came together again. Infinity was not necessarily accepted in the community for who he was most of the time dealing with being excluded and laughed at every time he would release something or perform but it never mattered. Grade 11 is when the Young Legendz changed their roster adding Konfiident and EM-T to it. Although not many people agreed with the thought of Dominic rapping he kept concentrated through grade 12 where he was scouted to a local Indie label called “Decimal Productions”. Infinity was promised many things such as studio time music videos Internet Media even HMV promotions and more. After a couple months Infinity completed an EPK and started the beginning of his CD “Take One” Decimal (the owner) completely vanished leaving Infinity with 2 recorded songs. Even the rest of the artists that were associated on the label have no idea where he is. This never stopped Infinity because he wanted to keep progressing. After a few demos and a Young Legendz mixtape Dominic began to slow down and work on a relationship also pursuing in acting getting the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas participating in the competition IPOP through “John Robert Powers” keeping the music in background handing out his self titled demo aswell bringing home 3 awards with 7 call backs from various agencies and labels only hearing back from 1 which didn’t end up working out. IPOP also promised a performance in Vegas which he never got to do. After IPOP Infinity didn’t feel that he had enough passion for acting to get back into it therefore resulting to his music to become his most important priority and will continue to be from here on in later receiving an Indie label contract from Baltimore he did not sign due to no professionalism at all and did not trust the person nor the contract. During that time Infinity was working with management under Flipside Recordz/Beat Maker Productions ran by Mike Glenn and Kiss who were helping Infinity with a new mixtape videos promo and did a few shows 1 that was seen on OMNI. After many arguments disagreements on musical differences and the date for Infinitys CD “Start Of A Win Streak” repetitively being pushed Infinity hit his limit with working so long with nothing yet and chose to move on alone with his old team the Young Legendz (Keep The Dream Alive). Now Infinity learnt the life lesson to DEPEND ON NOBODY IN THIS INDUSTRY and got his home studio running again also began his new mixtape releasing this summer titled “Poetry In Motion” under Roberter Productions and promises to not let his fans family friends and haters down ever again. “Infinity is from me not being able to stick with anything my whole my life but with music I can never stop. Music goes on forever

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pretty dope homie check me out too. CANADA REPRESENT
Dope Page!Hot new music Video by Swish CarterKNOW HOWA MUST SEE!!
good stuff
im feeling the music yo im voting show love back with a video vote an thanks much love
I Feel Ya for more Frankie ckout
pretty sick . reckin in dream one
J.Ramos Da Beginning mixtape
Thanks for your comment hun. You got some good stuff here too. Join me on facebook
Nice music check out Kidd Ameer new tracks Loud and In The Clouds
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Based on Infinity 's Panel Score of 7.17
Infinity 's overall genres Panel Rank position is #939
Infinity 's Panel Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #308

Based on Infinity 's Member Score of 5.684
Infinity 's overall genres Member Rank position is #18527
Infinity 's Member Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #7535

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of HIP-HOP
Infinity has the #96 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.17
Infinity 's has the #4377 Highest Member Score with a 5.682
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