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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  25
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 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  04/09/11

Carmin started writing poetry at the age of 13. Her father died that same year and it was her love for writing that allowed her to express the rage she felt about her fathers death. The Washington DC native grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in Southeast DC where violence murder and drugs were an everyday thing. So in order for her not to fall victim to her surroundings she started keeping a journal of her life but that soon turned into poetry. She found that any problems or anger she felt would work themselves out with a pen and paper. Besides her gift of writing she also loved to dance. At the age of 7 years old Carmin would enter dance contest at local recreation centers she was always a crowd favorite winning first or second place in the every contest she entered. Her favorite dancers were Salt and Peppa who she’d often try to imitate from their sense of fashion down to their moves. Carmin always had a ear for music as far back as she can remember her mother would give her twenty dollars a month for allowance and she would spend the whole thing on a CD. Her favorite artists at the time were Aaliyah Another Bad Creation R Kelly Tupac Bone Thugs and Harmony MC Hammer and Bobby Brown. Music played a big part in her everyday life she found herself writing down the lyrics to songs so she could learn them word for word and mimic her favorite rapper named Tupac. Carmin’s willingness to embrace and acknowledge rap would soon be the stepping-stone for her rap career. In 2004 Carmin was offered to be in a group called Wanted it was an all male group of four other rappers from Maryland and Virginia. She was very hesitant to be apart of the group because she had no experience and the other members had been rapping for years already. The CEO of 2 Fly Records was very persistent in getting her in the group to add that extra sexy because she had the look and he knew that she wrote poetry so she was already creative. She decided to give it a chance and joined the group. Carmin’s background helped her tremendously as she made the transition to rapper. In 2005 her group split up because everybody wanted to go different routes in their careers. She then took a break from music. In 2006 she once again became apart of a group consisting of four other females called Dangerous Curves but due to everyone being on different pages the group split the same year. So she decided no more groups she wanted to be solo. Carmin’s road to stardom wasn’t easy. Despite the great personality and good vibe she gives off in her music and in person nobody thought she was good enough. Even though she was working hard to break through on a national scale all the negativity was taking its toll and she wanted to quit. Her friends encouraged her to continue developing her lyrical skills which gave her the confidence and incentive to keep pushing for her own success as an artist. Instead of lashing out Carmin used the experience as a learning tool. By working extensively Carmin feels that her material benefited. She has performed at open mics and venues. She is sought after for collaboration’s with rappers and producers. Carmin likes to keep the club rocking with heavy bass a tempo ideal for dancing and a catchy hooks that she feels people are going to recite the words and able to feel. She is known for her sassy attitude swagger and her punch lines. Today as her buzz continues to grow she constantly impresses people because of her positive outlook on life despite the personal struggles she has endured. Carmin's goal in music is to be the biggest selling female rapper and the biggest female rap mogul.

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hey i voted for you all 5s will you return the love
Loved it. Check out my new song LEANING video also if u looking for air-play
Dope Page!Hot new music Video by Swish Carter KNOW HOW A MUST SEE!!
You got that FIRE giiirrl!! Salute... Sent you a MSG!! Holla at me..
luv your movement carmin..keep rockin baby
Hey come check out my new Hip hop song called Hey yo. Let me know what you think of it. follow @rainauk Twitter good work
you nice sweetie ...check me out im voting right now

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