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 #139 Top Song: 03smoke
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 Member Type:  Promoter
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  30
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 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rap/Hip-Hop/Crunk
 Country:  US
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Hi Im DeeBossLadi CEO of BeastMode Ent. and im on here Promoting one of the artists im working with TRU 210 of BTP/7 Figures Records: TRU 210 born Kenneth E. Jones Jr. on San Antonios Eastside area where ghetto dreams were blown in the wind and guns drugs either made you or broke you. As lives were slowly being taken by the streets and job opportunities were very slim TRU (including his brother Slugga cousin Rated R) came up with the group and also the label BTP Click/Entertainment around 99-00. The trio released numerous mixtapes through out the eastside of San Antonio. When Dutch Pitt Live Wire and Lem Lucky were signed BTP was combined with another label created called 7 Figures. Their first album released was titled 7 Figures Records Presents...BTP: Bringin Tha Pain Vol. 1 with the hit singles Sikwitdaflow and Act a Clown. The sophomore album hit the streets soon after with hit single My BlockHood Fellas What U Drankinand Texas Boyz feat. Double Up of 15.5 Entertainment. Now TRU and Pitt formed a duo called A.L.A.M.O with the album titled Trademark scheduled to hit the streets soon. After making a move to San Diego Ca TRU continued his music with his cousin Dutch and his label Wise Guys Ent also working alongside with Bugzy and his label Hustle BLVD. A year later TRU hooked up with Portal and a few other rappers and became U.W.B(United We Ball). He made a feature appearance on Portals Portal Duets album and then later on his To Be Continued album. TRU then released his first solo project titled Tone City Hustla: The Mixtape which featured a lot of tracks from the previous albums including a few new ones as well. Tracks such as Down HereStuntin On EmImma Beast and two freestyles featuring Bugzy. After the split with Portal TRU got together with SelfMade the Beast and became a member of BeastMode Entertainment. Even though he was with BeastMode he still kept BTP/7 Figures Records printed on his work. TRU released One Wit The Streetz Part 1 under BTP/ 7 Figures Records and BeastMode Entertainment with the hot street bangers Dont Like Me Keep On Livin Goon To A Goblin and Miss Thang. The names TRU and SELFMADE THE BEAST soon began to travel around the San Diego area and numerous DJs from other surrounding States as well thanks to DeeBossLadi(CEO/Promoter of BeastMode Entertainment). When SelfMade caught the attention of a local radio station called Jelly Radio and Block News Live TRU was soon put on as well and performed alongside SelfMade The Beast in numerous events. TRU is now back in the studio ready to release his second project One Wit The Streetz Part 2. On the Flip side music is not his only skill He does have an interest in fashion and art. The BTP LTD. clothing line which he created in 2000 has the right gear for men and women of al ages. The clothing line has no set date to but do keep an eye out for it. TRU tattoo business Ink My Whole Body is getting known through out San Antonio and a few areas in San Diego. With three major businesses under his belt TRU 210 will surely make his ghetto dreams come true....

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Good work dawg keep it up!!! check out my music and vote for it!!
like the beats and the lyrics
check out my new songs from the mixtape globle warming download it free on ent
Tight work! Check me out!
check me out. real talk for real people
I don't rate everybody but i rate everybody who rates me. i got G.O.O.D music
keep doin ya thing. Hit mee up wit some feedback lets keep that vibe up!.. 1
sikk shit i like smoke true shit it!! check out my musik
Dont Forget To Vote if the music is Hot!!! Check out my artist Preach if u listen u will want to Vote!
wat ups!!!hot muzik...check us out!!!

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