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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  31
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 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  01/23/11

MEET STACK HOLDERS NUTZO Being blessed with the best of both worlds is hard to come across in today’s artists. Jason “Nutzo” Lavine was born with the talent of both poetry and harmony with his powerful hip hop lyrics and (as quiet as it’s kept) his smooth RB vocals. Originating from the birthplace of hip hop (the Bronx NY) and pegging artists such as Biggie Jay-Z Ludacris and T.I as his major inspirations Nutzo has proven through his music that the art of it all is deeply ded in his soul. Aware of the slight southern twist to his music he has made it a point to acknowledge the years he spent in Virginia as being very influential to him and his career but considers Trenton NJ (in which he currently resides) to be his home and the place that connected him with his new team the Stack Holders. After joining the label Nutzo went on to accomplish great achievements as one of their main artists. With a new single “On Fire” receiving a slot on Philly’s 100.3 the Beat radio station during their “Home Jamz” program and a new video just released one thing definitely seems to be true for this new talent… He is definitely ON FIRE! O.H.I.O Allan “Frankie” Wade known to the music world as “OHIO” was introduced as one of the newest members of Stack Holders in early 2009. With his name deriving from his hometown of Warren Ohio this 17 year old has grabbed the attention of many with his self proclaimed mid west style and force of energy. As one of the two main artists on the label Wade has already begun working toward perfecting his craft as an artist. With a brand new single recently hitting the airwaves and the debut of his brand new video getting the highest amount of views in Stack Holder history Ohio has summed his career up in two little words… “He’s Gone!” SIGHT As Vice President / Head of Stack Holders Media John “Sight” Pettiford has many more titles under his belt including the music/production of the team as well as heading the video and graphic design aspect of the company. With a background in business the South Jersey native has been the force behind many of the successful Stack Holders tracks and videos swarming both the television and the radio including “Thanks To You” and Hes Gone (performed by O.H.I.O) but it doesn’t stop there. Being newly appointed as the head of the image team as well Pettiford has strategically balanced the duties of a full size production crew on his shoulders alone proving the talent of Stack Holders to be both in front and behind the lens... CHANGE AY One of the longest running members of Stack Holders Michael Cooper better known as “Change Ay” has experienced life in front and behind the camera. Having to decide between the two Change Ay made a conscious decision to stick with his passion of being behind the scenes. Gaining respect as one of the creative guru’s of the team he was appointed as the head of the editing and promotions department due to his computer skills and gift of gab. Known to talk his way into any establishment on just his word alone Change Ay has also gained the nickname Mr. All Access which he later used to release a collection of DVD’s featuring both underground and well known rappers musicians and model interviews and battles. Sometimes standing as the middle man helping to close many deals Change Ay has partially contributed toward the seemingly never ending success of the Stack Holder empire. PREME Javon Cooper known to most as Preme has become one of the most reputable entrepreneurs to derive from his hometown. Originating from Willingboro NJ a small city just about 20 minutes south of Trenton this former rapper turned business man has proven his accomplishments to be anything but mediocre. In 2001 Javon alongside his brother Jamaal Dom Cooper created Stack Holders the label. With the discovery of new artists and their highly anticipated mixtape release the Stack Holders gained a lot of notoriety and street fame. After some setbacks in his life including the murder of his brother Dom and the untimely death of his right hand man Reginald Self Jackson (also a Stack Holder member) Javon went on to continue building the Stack Holders label turning the tragedies from turmoil into inspiration. Knowing that my movement started with two people and is getting bigger by the day really inspires me... Seeing that people really believe in me and will follow me keeps me going Focusing more on the business and utilizing a lot of his connections Preme has turned the label into an empire. To date Stack Holders now has its own media center which includes a recording studio professional photography/videography cd duplication and t-shirt embroidery company. With all of these accomplishments and many more under wraps one thing is for certain Preme has successfully turned his once small time label into a self-made brand making him completely deserving of the title PRESIDENT! BUDDY Taking credit as being the “Voice” of the team LaAnthony “Buddy” Bannister has been the long time inspirational voice behind the scenes in the Stack Holders locker room. Also a business school graduate and business owner himself Buddy has used his marketing skills to advance the Stack Holders in many different aspects beyond music. Adopting two of the labels’ artists to be the male spokes models and faces of his brand new clothing line (Ant Benne’) set to be released later this year Buddy has helped Stack holders tread their way into the fashion world as well. Although he remains behind the scenes one thing we can say with his killer instinct and talent for closing on good business deals this powerhouse will definitely not be in the background as long as he continuously pushes Stack Holders in the fore front.

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sick homey check my shit
hit u wit a vote check me out vote if you like!
good job over all
check out my freestyles. beast
This is hot hommie i voted return the love!!! Everone be sure to check my new single Traffic Jam!!!!!
just reviewed ya bra... hold it down!!!
Keep up da good work fam am feeln this
killer flow bro.. keep murdering it
Dont know how to act got me bumpin ! We need to make a beat like this !

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