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 Age:  20
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 Genre:  Pop/Soul/RB
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  01/14/11

Hello my name is Ty Malachi-Bass aka. The Main Attraction and Im an aspiring pop artist. I was born in Toledo Ohio however my father is originally from Philadelphia PA. I graduated from Woodward High School with high honors and had great extra curricular success. Music is my passion and without it I would lack an identity. While growing up I listened and watched such artists as Michael Jackson James Brown Fred Astaire Sammy Davis Jr Gene Kelly Jackie Wilson Frank Sinatra The Bee Gees Diana Ross Chuck Berry and The Temptations These artists influenced me greatly. I was also captivated by the Song-Writing era and couldnt resist the temptation of breaking out a Pen and Paper. I was about thirteen years old when I started Writing music. Nothing caught my attention more than watching this Anti-Gravity like man sliding across stages worldwide. This man by the name of Michael Jackson was like nobody I had ever seen before. He was like a versatile mixture of all my favorite artists. I became more involved in his background and discovered for myself a whole new era of music Motown. Artists such as Smokey Robinson The Jackson 5 The Supremes Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder hooked me on the Motown sound. The Motown Sound helped to better enhance the depth of my musical style but overall nobody has influenced me more than Michael Jackson. I later became Influenced by more contemporary artists such as Babyface Boys II Men Jodeci Nsync and R. Kelly. I am also consumed in and inspired by the whole Hip-Hop culture. I sing dance write choreograph act and I would love performing live. I enjoy doing karaoke but aside from the stage there is no place I would rather be than in the studio. I really love the level of creativity that can be reached while in the studio atmosphere. I feel that my best writing occurs when I am alone however I do enjoy collaborative work. I also feel that there is always room for improvement.I am very persistent and I work extremely hard at what I want to accomplish. I have an influential yet original sound and style. I always welcome criticism whether it is positive negative or constructive. I am confident with my talents yet I am exceedingly grateful. I always strive for perfection and pray for the very best. - Why Question The Inevitable Being When We In Our Unrighteousness Can Not Possibly Fathom The Complicity Of His Works - The Main Attraction. Its all for love-L.O.V.E Ty Antonius Bass aka.The Main Attraction born April 29th 1991 in Toledo Ohio. he made an early mark as a singer / songwriter/Entertainer. It all started in 2008: After a few years of honing my talents as a singer vocalist and songwriter i tried out ideas with local bands both as a live and a recording artist. In 2008 I havent released any albums yet. The next 2 years were spent among other things making music working on different projects being a Pop singer and what was to become the follow-up album. In 2009 Brianne Webb and L.Burner met through a cover-band. After a while Burner wanted to focus on original material and on Webbs proposal She wanted to see was im good. A 5 song demo was recorded and the full length album was not released under the name BAMSDAY. B.D. were predicted newcomer of the year 2011 and reached as high as 5 and 15 with the songs Shes Not A Lady and Be Me 4 A Day (both written by Me). Due to musical indifferences I left BAMSDAY in fall 2010. After leaving I wasted no time: I took a few songs which had already been written for the next B.D. album and made that the starting point for what eventually would become My first full length solo offering called BAMSDAY. I came up with well over a dozen new tracks. The new material had a slightly rougher edge to it but was still melodic and catchy as hell! Finding musicians who would do the music justice wasnt too hard: I brought in better music which i did a superb job on the B.D. album.NOT Completed i dont know when i wanna release the album i dont have a hold of it. I began recording some demos in Heimdals studio which aroused the interest of labels. In the end People decided to go with my Music based in Los Angeles California. because of their overall enthusiasm and professional attitude. And i always look up to Michael Jackson i see him on stage and i say to myself i wish it was me i think hes a musical prophet... I am NOT an Michael Jackson impersonator just to get that straight.A Pop and Soul singer who made one session for RCA that didnt reap any dividens. Only Shes Not A Lady charted and it fizzled at number 69. But Main Attraction dream is to help sick children that comes across him and to be the best Singer. I always will have a good heart... I would like to take this moment to thank all of you for your support over the years and the love and acceptance you have shown me. It has been an honour to be your servants for that is what i have been. A singer is nothing without its fans without the people who come to the shows buy the albums and make me feel that Im not alone in the world that there are other people out there who see the world as i do in all its wonder and absurdity. People can say what they like about The Main Attraction but the unswerving loyalty and dedication of you guys the ones who really matter can never be called into question. From the very beginning you have shone brighter than we could have ever hoped from the street teams to the forum administrators from those of you who saw me in the streets to those who made the earth shake at my concert on the other side of the world i thank you all each and every one of you. When i stood as children in front of my mirrors singing never did i imagine the fantastic adventure i would embark upon thanks to you the greatest fans in the world. I can only hope that i touched your hearts as much as you have mine. Take heart and carry on dear Team. Never be afraid to be yourselves to be individuals to fly in the face of common sense and listen to your hearts to do it your own way. We made a bunch of albums. We played a bunch of shows. We met a bunch of people who changed our lives forever. I love you all. Thank you so much. Yours in absence of a cheesy line from one of my own songs to end this post Tye Malachi The Main Attraction. Brace yourself for extreme shock value and welcome to the world of Malachi...!!!

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Good music i like! message me if you want beats!! we'll hook somethin up!!
I VotEd nOW cHEcK mE oUT
nice Flow.. u got my vote.. Check me out..
nyc music. check out my profile i vote back
We should collab sometime n da near future check us out vote and get at me ~ Diezel of A.T.L.A (ATLAMUSIC@YMAIL.COM)
GREAT VOICE! You should definitely be signed check me out and vote let me know what you think leave comment

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