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Indie URL: indiecharts.com/blackrain4tru

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West Coast Bang...hot man straight hot music
easy to listen to love it check my music too...
independent artist?
Ive alway loved what Ice Cube does... but dont you think that he shouldnt be on the INDIE CHARTS seeing that he is not an
Nothing Like LA
Always have been a fan!! Amazing!! You are mighty fine!!Show this Canadian girl some love!! Review panel if you are able.
true great you are the reason i grind so hard thanks all you have done for the inde artist
One of Our Songs! Please come check out Our Rock tunes Tell us whatchya think!
ICE CUBE Im a FAN For LIFE! Never stop.. DAVID PAGE Lead singer of TIME 4 CHANGE ! Love to have you cameo in one of our s
aint nothing like LA

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