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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  27
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Rap/Freestyle/Hip-Hop
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  08/13/10

Ricky Lee AKA King Jay born raised in Sunny San Diego California began his interest in Rapping at the influential age of 13. What started out as Just Something To Do.. became a passion as he aimed to become a perfectionist learning to better himself study the art of music! King Jay who was surrounded and involved with music as he came up developed a strong desire for music first influenced by his older sister who like him also grew up around a large variety of music. His older sister unknowingly exposed him to seek out the mastery of rapping to any kinda beats to get his message out such as Beatbox Hip Hop RB as well as many beat thrown his way. King Jay has always been the one to stand out in a crowd. Doing local shows People began to feel his flow in the late 90s but it wasnt till the late summer of 08 that he began to really use this talent. King Jay has Rapped at a few of the hottest clubs lounges locally a few across the East Coast. always underground and sometimes unannounced King Jay has made shows that are meant to be nothing look like the average concert. always in possession of the newest mix-tapes before anyone he knew had them. He insisted on being a few steps ahead of the rest. King Jays influences are a very short list of some popular new and old artist but it made him the most lyrical artist around his town and some say IN HIS TIME. Inspired by Run DMC a few infamous Rappers such as ECAY UNO (SD RAP ARTIST) KAMBINO (SD RAP ARTIST) MACC NEEZY (SD RAP ARTiST)Tiny Man (SD RAP ARTIST) Big June (SD RAP ARTST) among many others to long to list. King Jays artistry of some famous music artists include Linkin Park Nas Mos Def Slick Rick Tribe Called Quest KRS-1 De La Soul Kool G Rap Meek Mills Beastie Boys Swiss Beats Ghost Face Cassdy Drag-On MC Lite Knocturnal Dr. Dre Rich Boy Rakim Big Daddy Kane Trae Z-Roe Slim Thugg Eve Biggie Method Man Trick Daddy Outkast Roots Koo Mo Dee Biz Markie Grandmaster Flash NWA Easy E Nate Dog Humpty Hump 2Pac Aaliyah mad others who represented the Rap Game Then and Now but dont take King Jay lightly this Freestyler/Rapper is far from prejudice when it comes to music. He can do it all from free-styling and Battle Rapping to Hip Hop RB Dance Rock! King Jay has only Dropped mixed CDs locally and has yet to a Single CD but strives to be heard worldwide! In the late summer of 2008 King Jay became a Member of BY ANY MEANS began to produce music that would get some underground club play although playing Basketball is something he considers to be his passion Rapping became his number one priority. As he focused more on his music and less on basketball King Jay decided to redirect his focus on his ability to become an entrepreneur and possibly One of the best rappers out. King Jay has Featured on many underground artist projects which include Kambino Macc Neezy Boother Banthin Blue Diallo E-Money Kamino K-Dub Oso Ill Lil Maseo Lil Steelo Nando Da P Rich Sunny D. Dillenger Young Prince and much more. Artist who were primarily some of the hottest from San Diegos underground rap scene also looking to be heard instead these songs werent pushed/promoted right and left King Jay at a standstill! Now As an experienced Artist/businessman King Jay decided to work side by side with B.A.M.(BY ALL MEANZ) to try and meet the publics demand he redirected his message from the NEED TO GET OUT to The now much liked Must Get Out. Presently however King Jay decided that he intends on making a Breakthrough and begin working on his first album. What was always No more than a thing to do King Jay can not ignore the desire to Rap for his love remains for the MIC. He intends on creating real unique tracks for his audience and doing more than just showcasing his ability to still get the party people up on the dance floor he also strives to send a positive message! For more information AIM kingjay190s. King Jay is taking the entertainment world by surprise so lookout! King Jay is the real Worlds Best Kept Secret! Be Sure to Visit my other page (IS NOT A MUSIC PAGE) Follow King Jay on twitter kingjay_86 Find me on facebook Read more:

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voted we can dep colab
Check out New Video on YouTube Swish Carter Know How!!
just checced ya page and voted.... return the love
dope gave u a review
Amiir King Born King mixtape is out and its hot check it out on with free downloads
yeah i got the tracks im working on them as we speak
just voted homie! straight fire!
dont know if you got my message or not but im gonna need your e-mail to send the beat

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