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         INDIE CHARTS PAST ACHIEVEMENTS                   
 #11 Top Vocals: Dancing with you
 #34 Top Lyrics: The Net
         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  90
 Band Web Site:  leylafences.com
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Country/Folk/Americana
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  07/06/10

“An ensemble of well-crafted crowd-pleasing dance-inducing toe-tappers that will find a home in your disc player for an extended stay. This is an excellent project from start to finish.” – Lucky Boyd MyTexasMusic.Com “I’ve never heard anybody describe my songs as sweet or romantic” Texas born singer/songwriter Leyla Fences says when asked to describe her music. She hesitates before grinning and adding “but then again no one’s ever called ME that either!” Leyla’s debut album Liars Cheats Fools presents traditional country music fans 13 original tracks of self-penned dancing drinking and cheating songs with Texas flavor modern lyrics sonic production and sassy wit. Never sweet rarely romantic and always fun Leyla’s songs hook you immediately with her smart style bold personality and “a sense of humor kin to the songs of Loretta Lynn Dolly Parton and Gretchen Wilson.” (Kaye Wright of Kaye G. Wright Studios in Dallas) On Liars Cheats Fools not even the songwriter herself is immune to her say-it-like-it-is commentary and the more you listen the more you’ll hear. “Fans of great female-offered country music will enjoy the disc and will revel in the fresh subject matter” writes Lucky Boyd of MyTexasMusic.Com. No doubt Leyla is a “woman’s woman” Boyd adds and Kaye Wright agrees: “There are a lot of women who relate to these lyrics and while they might not be able to find the words to say what they are feeling for themselves they can trust Leyla’s songs to say it for them.” But even though women might be Leyla’s biggest fans they aren’t her only fans. “Anyone who likes good music and is partial to country is going to enjoy this album” says Chip Butters Owner Chief Engineer ButterSound Seattle. With a steel guitar and fiddle on almost every song this CD will remind you of country music the way it used to be. “I found myself listening to today’s mainstream country and feeling two things” says Leyla “one that it didn’t sound like country music anymore and two that even though songs today might still portray everyday life it’s mostly only the happy picture-perfect parts. I sure wasn’t hearing songs that I could relate to based on what I was living at the time so I decided to write about those experiences – even though they didn’t all have fairytale endings.” “The performances on the disc are exceptional” says Boyd as Leyla manages to convey real human emotion whether she is calling a spade a spade (as in the tracks Love Doesn’t Work Like That and Let Him Go) or honoring the strength of the human spirit (like in The Net or The Other Side). Vocally she gets it right too with a voice that is “Texas-raised country edgy but true powerful but controlled and perfect for her style of writing” Boyd adds. “Leyla’s music is 100 genuine” writes Andrea Wallace of 288 Vocals “and with a voice and style that are uniquely hers she tells stories of everyday struggles and encourages us to live each day to its fullest.” Always danceable and never pretentious the clean sound of these original tunes lets every word and note be heard while tasteful production allows listeners to get the same great connection with the songs that her live audiences enjoy. Liars Cheats Fools is “a real nice mature sounding line between classic Nashville country modern sonic production and lyrics” says Butters. Leyla’s journey to this first CD has been anything but a straight line. Although she experienced a typical Texas suburban upbringing as a middle-child born under the sign of the bull she was happiest when she was stirring things up so she took off from home earlier than most and set out to explore the world’s wider pastures. Her zigzag has taken her around the world from foreign language and culinary studies in the U.S. and abroad to climbing the corporate ladder in Latin America and Europe. With her wanderlust satisfied her career aspirations realized and a newfound understanding that everything she was looking for could be found at home Leyla returned to Texas soil where her love for traditional country music began and where she plans on kicking up some dust. Learn more about how Leyla is keeping it country at www.leylafences.com New CD Review for Liars Cheats Fools available here: http://community.livejournal.com/mossip/

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Great work all 5s! If you like my stuff add me too!
GREAT WORK!!!!! check my pg out and review my pg and check me out at www.reverbnation.com/mrslic404
good Stuff I reviewed all your songs please do the same for me thanks.
solidly great writing Leyla / few cuts radio ready /please give a listen Jimmy Lehoux and review-ty Ruby Records
good musik
Amazing keep up the good work. Please check out mr toml
we shud do a callabo..make sum fire
Sounds like the words of my life Upside Blues

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Based on Leyla Fences's Panel Score of 7.301
Leyla Fences's overall genres Panel Rank position is #171
Leyla Fences's Panel Rank position for the Genre of COUNTRY is #7

Based on Leyla Fences's Member Score of 5.785
Leyla Fences's overall genres Member Rank position is #13531
Leyla Fences's Member Rank position for the Genre of COUNTRY is #427

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Leyla Fences has the #6 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.301
Leyla Fences's has the #345 Highest Member Score with a 5.785

Leyla Fences has also made the Top Song Charts
Track Name: upsideblues
Position: 402

Leyla Fences has also made the Top Vocals Charts
Track Name: Dancing with you
Position: 11

Leyla Fences has also made the Top Lyrics Charts
Track Name: The Net
Position: 34
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