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Koach Soldjer is #145 on the Top Video Charts
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 Stage/Band Name:     Koach Soldjer
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  25
 Band Web Site:  
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rap/Hip-Hop/crunk
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  07/01/10

Koach Soldjer was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana on August 14 1986. By 1993 he was already writing rap and rb songs. In 1995 along with neighborhood friend Marcus Moffett AKA Big Ham Soldjer started a rap group called Lil Con Mind Killaz. After meeting Kendrick Peanut Volter the three changed the name of the group to Pryme Tyme. However shortly after establishing the group Peanut was incarcerated and is still serving a 45 year sentence. Eventually Ham lost focus and is now also incarcerated serving a 35 year sentence. Koach Soldjer went forward with his brother Lil' Twist and three other friends Big Funz Sexy Red and Killa Red. In 1997 Koach Soldjer and Lil' Twist bumped into an old friend of their uncle's Big E. Big E was one of the CEO's of Lay 'Em Down Records a label produced by hit making producer Phunk Dawg of House of Phunk and now Phunk Dawg Exclusive (known now for Hurricane Chris' A Bay Bay and Hand Clap). They began doing shows with known artists such as Mystikal Tre-8 and Beelow (a local B.R. rapper/ business man) just to name a few. When things were no longer working out Koach Soldjer remembered someone Peanut had introduced him to before Peanut's incarceration Erik YT Fairly. Koach Soldjer YT and James JJ Lee (longtime friend of YT) started a new group called Military Ridahz and label Military Mynded Records. Lil' Twist (Koach Soldjer's brother) Young Chopper AKA Chopper Capone (from Lay 'Em Down Records) and Big Funz (former member of Pryme Tyme) also joined Military Ridahz. As a group they went on to win a talent show and begin travelling doing concerts and building their brand. They went from venue to venue appearing on tickets with Ruff Ryders Ashanti Ludacris Mystikal Juvenile Young Bleed Skull Duggrey Kane Abel T-Bo da Firecracker C-loc Max Minelli and South Coast Coalition. The Military Ridahz released their first album Military Ridahz: Young Raw Heated selling hundreds of copies locally. The Military Ridahz were asked by South Coast Coalition to join them in their shows with T-Bo. Word of the Ridahz began to spread and they quickly became a success. Because of creative differences between Koach Soldjer and the CEO of Military Mynded Records Koach Soldjer decided to separate himself from the group. This is when he had the opportunity to become acquainted with Tiny Lister Jr. (AKA D-Bo) star of Friday The 5th Element and The Dark Knight (2008) among others. D-Bo made a promise that if Koach Soldjer helped him with saving the kids from urban crime areas then he would help push his music. The promise wasn't fulfilled so Koach Soldjer made another way. In 2007 he went to a friend he had met in 2000 Leon POOCH Dunn CEO of PRO Rated Productions LLC. With PRO Rated Koach Soldjer (PRESIDENT/Co CEO of ProRated's Behind the Tint Ent..) has released an EP featuring former No Limit Records rappers Skull Duggrey and T-Bo Da Firecracker two of Baton Rouge's hottest local rappers Nussie (R.I.P) and Pla' Boy and other PRO Rated artists. He's traveled doing concerts and is now working on some of the biggest projects of his career as an utive producer and a writer. Koach Soldjer reconnected with some of the Military Ridahz now named Tha Ridahz Reloaded. He reunited with Phunk Dawg working on his early 2012 Re-release of pt.1 to The Welcome to Donkey Kong album part 1 2 with The Clan Behind the Rolls Tint His solo:Through the Red Tape featuring Fellow Artist/Label mate Pla'Boy Graham along with PRO Rated producers POOCHSpeedy Phil Mic. Koach Soldjer is also gearing up for the release of His Book The Dirt Skeleton G2:7 Project which was inspired by his DEATHLETTAH Song Iago's Album Pla' Boy's Spoil Rotten MixTape for 2012.

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