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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  23
 Band Web Site:  triplesixoneart.tripod.com myspace..
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rap/R&B/Hip-Hop
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  12/20/2008

I was born March 30 1987 born as James E Salinas my dad allways done fences ever since i was youngmy mom alllways had tha nine to five pay check job.But she had a real beutiful singing voice.As a mother i guess she gave it up and continued to workbut i would here her sing and play guitar at tha house.My dad drank smoke budkind of real wreklesshe still like that but at tha same time he had a gentle sidesmoothe and real nice and funny.for a while we were in tha projectsi was young bearly gettin my memory I have a older Brother A DUB anthonyhes allways been some one i look up too.Hes not that much older than meHe allways had my back evan to this day.so eventually we moved back to tha hoodi was probably like in kindergardenSO i went to Crockett elementryIt was koo tha ppl i grew up with we was all young reallyOne night my G mas husbend whos was a lil younger than her Killed hisself like maybe one room awayever since than thats where life changedI saw him as a G Pa so that happend than life went on with my mom and dad my brother and i also have a younger sister like 3 years younger than meI allways have her back no matter whatyou know.years go along im a lil older now in middle schoolstarted acting a foo.faild 6th gradewe moved a couple times but allways ended up back in tha hoodmiddle school i picked up more of tha gangsta lifeI had alot of lil girlfriendsbut i allways had a main oneI broke up wit one girl to get wit another all through middle school tell i finally met someone specialme and couple my homeboys would hit up tha mall teen dances lock ins at this time i picked up rappin maybe in like my second year of 6th grade got in too battle rappin remember like in maybe 5th grade jus tryin to rhyme i listend to lot of music grew up on like master p ghetto d tupac big pun and than maybe in like tha summer between 6th and 6th lol grade i picked up my first screwed up C Dso started gettin into that being poor buyin a cd wasnt that easy.ok im a skipp to 9th grade on and off relationship wit my first felt like i was in tru love but that lasted bout a year and a half than we kind of broke upso that left me back to being solo never loved a girl like that ever againhigh school was tight BEEF AND WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER FLY ASS SHITSo now i was more into makeing music wanting to get in tha studiocouple homeboys like lets go to tha studiobut eventually flaked so that happend a couple timesby this time my parents were allready divorced and my bro moved out so it was my lil sis me my mom my g ma and aunt in one house.like i was saying so at like 17 bout to be 17 i asked my mom for christmis can she rent me a computer so she didand i knew thats all i needed to get my own shit out i didnt come up wit prescott records tell later when i was a lil more established i went moody at first tha caroll and la raza i was at la raza when i got tha computerso i got a mic and started ping tha demoi was allready into alot of east coast rap and gansta shit i started downloading programs plus my bro was good at hacking comps and shit jus cuz we from tha hood dont mean we aint smart.so i ped tha demosome freestyle and some writtin jus a lil mixtapewinded up pushing that one over months adding new shit to it so i was allready choppin shit up by than plus i had some killa flowmore freestyle i would play tha biggie ready to die over and overhereing alot of diffeint music i started smokeing weed like 15 or 16 like actually buying it and smokeing it i aint gonna like lot of my songs or any flows i spit most of tha time im allways high damnt theres alot more ok prescott records me and my brother agreed on itso ever since than weve been pin traks staying in tha mix i sold alot i let em go cheap so ppl can hear themfuck tha money i wanted my name out more my mixtapes allways screwed upEVery one was feelin my flo and this was only like tha begingingso now im alittle more established still hood in tha stuggle like a muh fuckker but ive recorded alot of tracks freestyle freestyle and rappin and makeing music jus come so naturally to me like rideing a bike you never forget but you start off on a bike end up in a bently feel me so for now this is what you need to know BOUt your boy V I P JE One Man Wrekin CrewOr everybody knows me as James Salinas www.myspace.com/jeonemanwrekinc

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