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 Member Type:  Producer
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  30
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Electro/Club/Dance
 Country:  United Kingdom
 SignUp Date  01/29/17

Jo Paulo is a UK based music producer/composer who specialises in working on various genres. His passion for music came from an early age of ten when he used to spend hours listening to House and Hip-hop music mainly from European and American artists. Jo Paulo was born in Viana do Castelo a beautiful city in Portugal where he was inspired by various artists and genres. As a child he took part in most of his school and inter-school events and competitions which then sparked his interest in composing and producing music. Jo Paulo discovered his music making skills in MUSIC 3000 a game for the playstation 1. He then went on to make beats on the Reason 3 platform on windows which enhanced his ability of creating and structuring songs as a producer. Jo Paulo joined a group named UC-US which comprised of singers and rappers in the year 2005 this is where he was given the opportunity to draw public attention to his talent and understanding of music. This marked as a platform for learning where he gained experience of organising recording sessions with various artists such as Chris CG and Ultra to name a few with Jo Paulo being the sole producer of inhouse projects. The experience gained from here helped him shape his career in music production along with improving his professional skills of working with different genres and performing with various artists. Jo Paulo is also known for remixing famous songs under the name SJP which have gained popularity on YouTube. Hes known for remixing songs in a unique way which tends to set a trend thus he attracts known and upcoming artists for producing their songs. The links of Jo Paulos most famous remix is stated below: MARTIN SOLVEIG - HELLO (SJP REMIX) JO-PAULO YOUTUBE CHANNEL JO-PAULO SOUNDCLOUD

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Im officialy on the Indie Charts :) SpinningMySong

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