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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  28
 Band Web Site:  
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap
 Country:  united states
 SignUp Date  08/17/12

Well first off GHO$T is an MC and producer and his journey has been full of nothing but ups and downs. While growing up in Anderson In GHO$T started writing raps in school during his classes. Him and others would gather in the hallways during their passing periods and battle each other. GHO$T was never that good at battling so he decided to focus more on writing. GHO$T spent the next several years working with various artists from his city. He eventually joined a group called “The A-team” and they worked tirelessly on an album entitled “Crime Pays”. At that time “The A-team” didn’t have a steady place to record until they met another local who set them up with a studio in Nashville TN. They jumped on the opportunity and drove down to Nashville and recorded 16 tracks of fire. During the trip GHO$T and one of his group members got into an argument $cott was cut off the album and his beats and lyrics were used without his consent. Since his lyrics and beats weren’t copyrighted there was nothing that he could do about it. After this mishap GHO$T quit doing music for the next year. Eventually him and his group members patched things up and GHO$T got back to doing what he loves most creating music. GHO$T and his group members decided to the name “The A-team” and change it to “The Face Down Mafia”. That went smooth for the next few months until they started working with another label whose name wont be mentioned and from there everything went back down the shitter. So GHO$T and one of his group members decided to hook up with an old friend that was making some noise in the local hip hop scene with a group called “BBP”. After a few years of making some dope ass music they decided to merge the two groups together forming the group “The Crooked City Mafia”. They also decided to start their own local hip-hop label named “Twisted Muzic”. Once again GHO$T his original group member and his new partners split ways. This left GHO$T NickBeam and a few others which brings us to the present time. Determined to be one of the Midwest’s prime time MCs GHO$T decided to start working on his first solo project an album entitled “American Psycho”. He has worked with a few of the artists on his label like Strictly biz NickBeam Doe Turna Fly Boi Breeze Hitz City Beats and a couple others. This album will be very controversial with songs like “What’s wrong with the world” and “Obamanation”. GHO$T also puts a lot of his own sick and twisted humor into his lyrics. If you’re a fan of good creative hip-hop and don’t like that watered down bullshit then this is an artist that you will love. GHO$T'S grind is only going to continue to get stronger in 2012. His fans are already anticipating the release of his solo album “American Psycho” and many other albums that will be released under the “Twizted Muzic” label so stay tuned in!

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alot of people say i have super sick lyrics dont miss out plz vote comment an add to favorites ill do the same
Hot shit... All 5's homey... check me out and let me know what you think
Great music man
Good music. Check me out too bro.
hottest in philly..peep game..over his 200th song and going..hottest on indie-charts

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